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A look At The SimWorX SX02 Msport Professional Series Simulator

A look At The SimWorX SX02 Msport Professional Series Simulator

 SimWorX SX02 Msport Professional series simulator

A look At The SimWorX SX02 Msport Professional Series Simulator

High-End Racing Simulator chassis have come a long way the last few years. Besides the more demanding home users, also amateurs and professional racing drivers embraced the modern racing simulator to sharpen their real-world skills. This has opened up a bigger market for the more expensive, high-end segment of the market.

One of the brands aiming at this market is the Australian SimworX company who are based in Bayswater North, Victoria, Australia. SimworX is building simulator cockpits since 2002. Their hugely successful racing simulator series is used as a home training setup by many real-world racing teams and international racing drivers.

Last week they introduced the new awesome looking SX02 Msport Professional simulator chassis which is a development of the original and popular SX02 GT Challenge Simulator. The rig is available as a triple-screen or VR setup and can be configured with or without a full-motion system.

Furthermore, the chassis can be customized with different color schemes, various graphics choices, and a range of High Definition LED monitors. Simworx also provides customers with a selection of quality controls in their Pro Series range ensuring that every SX02 simulator is unique to its owner. ( high end Pro GT Pedals,  an Acer Predator G3 – 710 high performance Gaming PC,  quality steering systems with replica GT2 steering wheel, Quick release hub,  Motec style data dash, Pro Series sequential shifter/handbrake assembly, Simworx Bass Shaker, Motorsport inspired alloy fittings with braided stainless hose, data collecting software, a massive range of cars and circuits, and a choice of seats.)

The all aluminum SX02 chassis has a built-in sound system featuring a built-in subwoofer chamber that vents via two chrome, internally curved exhaust tips, out of the rear sail panel. The racing seat is fitted with a Simworx Bass shaker and has two quality mid-range speakers mounted near the head position of the driver. The audio settings are adjustable from the controls panel mounted near the seat.

Sold as a turnkey plug & play unit, SimworX includes a high-end VR ready PC and 3 x 27″ or optional 3 x 32″ LED HD monitors mounted on a multi-axis adjustable mounting system. For those who want to go the VR route, an Oculus Rift headset can be added.

SimWorX SX02 Msport Professional Features

  • SX02 Aerodyne Chassis
  • All Alloy monocoque construction
  • Race Team Paint & Graphics
  • Integrated 2.1 Dolby Sound
  • Kevlar Sub Woofer built into Chassis
  • Amplifier fitted integral with the chassis
  • High-Quality Finishes
  • Predator G3 710 Gaming PC
  • VR ready option available
  • Motorsport software installed & tested – iRacing, Automobilista,
  • Triple 27″HD LED Screens
  • Sparco Style Racing Seat
  • Seat-mounted midrange speakers
  • Motec style digital data dash
  • Simworx Pro Series GT Racing Pedals
  • Fanatec Belt Drive Steering Box
  • GT2 programmable steering wheel
  • Simworx Pro Series Sequential Shifter
  • Pro Series Hydraulic Rally Handbrake
  • SimworX Bass Shaker
  • Bass Shaker Amplifier mounted next to the seat
  • Selection of Race Team Graphics
  • Individually handcrafted by Simworx


  • SX02 Msport  Turn Key –  AU$22,900.00 (€14399,89 – USD 17784,37)


  • Simworx V2 Motion System
  • Direct Servo Steering system
  • 32″LED UHD Monitors
  • 32″LED UHD Curved Monitors
  • Oculus Rift Headset inc set up
  • 5 Point Sabelt Race Harness
  • add $ 15,200.00 – € 9558.00 – USD 11804,47
  • add $  2,600.00 – € 1634,92 – USD 2019,19
  • add $  1,200.00 – € 754,58 – USD 931,93
  • add $  2,200.00 – € 1383,40 – USD 1708,54
  • add $  1,100.00 – € 691,70 – USD 854,27
  • add $   380.00 – € 238,95 – USD 295,11
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