All DIRT Rally Cars In Action

All DIRT Rally Cars In Action

DIRT Rally seems to be Codemasters best game yet. It might even be the best rally game in years.

Myrvold uploaded an interesting video showing us all the current rally cars featured in the DIRT Rally title. He has set up his virtual camera at one of the corners at a Sweden Rally stage, demonstrating the quality of the graphics and sounds produced by the game.

For year’s the sim racing rally community had been waiting for a title that could rival the popular and classic but aging Richard Burns Rally. When Codemasters introduced the Early Access version of the game, nobody would have guessed that this title might just be the successor to the RBR crown. While many out there were convinced that this would be nothing more than another arcade title has been proven wrong by the development team.

With a steady flow of updates, the game is progressing to sim status, and therefore, can only gain further appreciation from the rally enthusiasts.

The most recent update for DIRT Rally was deployed two days ago, bringing the game’s version to 1.02

Dirt Rally by Codemasters is available on Steam for €44.99.

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