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AMStudio DIY Quick Release System

AMStudio DIY Quick Release System

When compared to other tech-based hobbies out there, Sim Racing does not necessarily have to be expensive. You can enjoy your racing with a pretty modest setup. That said, we also know that a Sim Racing addiction can easily get out of hand and make the costs escalate. That’s where creativity comes in to play. For those on a budget, it’s interesting to tap into this creative community as they often provide low-cost solutions as an alternative to expensive high-end hardware.

One example is the DIY Quick Release System for the Logitech wheel which will let you quickly change a variety of rims on your simulator sim racing rig. AMStudio provides the 3D Printing files to enable you to make your own DIY quick release system for a fraction of the cost of a commercial version. It’s a clever solution that makes use of two 3D Printed parts and an aftermarket Quick Release Seatpost bicycle Clamp.

While AMStudio provides his DIY Quick Release System as a solution for the Logitech G29, G920 or G27, the idea is easily adaptable to other brands of sim racing wheel.


Minimum Print settings:

  • PLA Shell 0.8mm
  • Fill 20% +
  Official Webpage – AMStudio 3D Print Desings


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