ARC Carbon Sequential Shifter review by Sim Racing Garage

ARC Carbon Sequential Shifter

ARC Carbon Sequential Shifter review by Sim Racing Garage

It is time for another Master review. Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage shows you the in’s and out’s of the ARC Carbon Sequential Shifter. The Italian based ARC_Team is known as a professional driving system manufacturer for simulation racing hardware peripherals.

The high quality Carbon Sequential shifter is crafted to resemble the mechanics and feel of a real sequential shifter as found in many GT and open wheeler cars.  When you receive the shifter it is securely packaged in an ARC_Team labeled box with the individual parts nicely fitted in a thick foam. It seems even packaging is done with great care over at the ARC Factory.

The unit comes with documentation for assembly and with a warranty document. ARC_Team provides a 12 month warranty for regular customers and 24 months for private customers.

The box contains everything you need to fit the ARC Carbon Sequential Shifter. The base Unit, the handle knob, an optional extension lever and the necessary nuts and bolts. There is also a sturdy steel desk clamp supplied for those who want to fit the Shifter to a desktop. The unit comes as an anodized aluminum version or an optional Gold or Black finish.

We will not go into details because Barry Rowland will show you all you need to know about the ARC Carbon Sequential Shifter. From unboxing, assembly to mounting and adjusting. By the time you have been informed of all the mechanical details, Barry takes the unit for a test on his SimXperience motion Simulator.

Barry calls this shifter the top of the range. After using the Carbon Sequential shifter myself for more then a year, i can only agree with the statement. A very high quality built shifter, with the feel of the real thing. In March of last year i posted a review of the ARC Carbon Sequential Shifter. You can check it out here.

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