ARC_Team Carbon_Pedals up for orders.







ARC Team Carbon_Pedals are here: 

This strong and compact pedalset has been build as a step up from the ARC_Pedals.
A former product that was vastly used by professional drivers, teams and fans.

Carbon_Pedals lost their handcrafted features but they do keep the original design,quality and finish.

Arc_Team is introducing the Sparco’s pedals adjustment on all versions.

Carbon_Pedals are three single pedals modules you can combine in two ways:

throttle and brake or  throttle, brake and clutch. The settings can be tuned by adjusting three axis screws

The resistance pressure is simulated in a realistic way by using pneumatic air cylinders.

The pedalset is connected straight to your computer by using a single USB plug

Carbon_Pedals can be ordered also with a serial cable to connect it with Logitech, Fanatec or Thrustmaster steering wheels.

The basic version of Carbon_Pedals can be ordered from our OFFICIAL STORE with a launch offer of 10% off; the deliveries will start from the end of February.


ARC_Team  Carbon_Pedals up for orders.

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