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Arc_Team – D-Motion F1 simulator preview.


ARC_Team posted a first preview video of their ARC_Team D-Motion F1 simulator running the  F1 by ARC_Team Software.  Created using the Image Space Incorporated Rfactor platform the software is finally ready after 2 years of development. The F1 modification is created using real world data and is now included in the D-Motion F1 simulator package.

The F1 by ARC_Team Software contains  3 difficulty levels of simulation all with a high degree of realism to accommodate any type of customer. The unit can also be adapted to suit other single-seater simulator acquirements.

ARC_Team D-Motion F1 simulator:

  • Monocoque Formula Red
  • 3 x 32 ” monitor
  • F1 Force Feedback steering wheel with quick release
  • Multi-function display
  • 2 pedals Pedalboard
  • Electric pedal movement
  • Integrated Audio
  • F1 deluxe wheel
  • F1 gearbox with paddle shifters
  • D-Box motion system
  • Wireless mouse / keyboard
  • F1 by ARC_Team Software

Dimensions: Width 180 cm – Length 240 cm –  Heigh 150 cm


Official Webpage –