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Asus introduces Bezel-Free Kit for Multi Monitor setups.

Asus Bezel Kit

Asus introduces Bezel-Free Kit for Multi Monitor setups.

At this year’s ongoing CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Asus introduced some nifty gadgets which may interest Sim Racers who are using a triple screen monitor setup.

As most of you know, the bezels of a monitor interrupt the overall image of a triple screen setup by as much as double the bezel width. That said, triple setup users will attest to the fact that their brain to some degree cancels out the awareness of the bezels.

Now Asus introduced a Bezel-Free Kit which optically camouflages the appearance of the bezels even further, resulting in an almost seamless picture. Asus developed the Bezel-Free Kit in conjunction with one of their backlight providers. By making clever use of optical materials, they succeeded in bending the light of the existing screens inwards so in effect they hide the bezels underneath.

However, there is a catch.  For an optimal result, the screens have to be set up at a 130-degree angle as Asus had researched that this would be the perfect angle for the best viewing experience. While this angle does work in a simulation environment, we are sure it would not suit all sim racing setups.

While you can not compare this solution to a real seamless ultra widescreen setup, the result is pretty convincing. Couple that with the fact that you won’t even notice the bezels when focussed on your game, the Asus Bezel-Free Kit might be worth checking out.

The lenses are made from PMMA, a type of transparent thermoplastic that’s much more durable than glass. This material lets 90% of the light from the monitors shine through, making the picture under the lenses slight dimmer than the rest of the screens but less distracting than the opaque seams created when two bezels are pushed up against each other. Reducing the dimming requires glass lenses that are too fragile to be practical for mass production.


Tailoring for individual models makes installation easy. Custom clips hold the monitors together at the top and bottom of each seam, which helps align them at the correct angle. The lens sits between them, reducing the kit to just three parts per seam.


The kit’s optical obfuscation is designed to work at a specific angle. We selected 130° because it offered the best balance of comfort and immersion in internal testing. Proper fit and alignment are extremely important, so the lenses and associated mounting hardware are made for specific monitors. The version being shown at CES fits the ROG Swift PG258Q and Strix XG258Q and will be demoed with the PG258Q. However, the concept can be adapted to work with other displays.

At the time of writing, Asus did not yet announce a release date or pricing for the Bezel-Free Kit

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