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AussieStig Drives The TwentyOne Performance Pro Radical SR3 Simulator

AussieStig Drives The TwentyOne Performance Pro Radical SR3 Simulator

AussieStig Drives The TwentyOne Performance Pro Radical SR3 Simulator

AussieStig continued his series of interesting Simulator and Driver Training center related visits. In this episode, we head over to Essex in the UK where AussieStig drives the TwentyOne Performance’s immaculately prepared professional Radical SR3 race simulator.

TwentyOne Performance is a passionate, dedicated, and experienced team of motorsport performance personnel who provide a wide range of services from novice track day tuition to complete driver development and simulator tuition. TwentyOne Performance has a successful history of providing management, performance development, and analysis for both drivers and race car manufactures.

During his test sessions in the Radical SR3  simulator, AussieStig was coached by TwentyOne Performance director Bradley Smith, which rapidly resulted in some pretty impressive performance gains.

TwentyOne Performance Pro Radical SR3 Simulator

Pro Radical SR3 Simulator room  Support Simulator

The TwentyOne Performance centre has two professional simulators linked up, running a selection of highly accurate track and car models specifically developed for Twentyone Performance by their partners at Pro-Sim. (Radical, Ginetta, LMP3, GT3, and F3 to name a few)

Needless to say, a combination of a high-end simulator and professional and experienced coaches allows for a cost-effective way to analyze and develop a driver.

Radical SR3 race simulator Cockpit  Radical SR3 race simulator Pedals

Radical SR3 race simulator Cockpit

The TwentyOne Performance simulator features a genuine Radical Sportscars chassis, featuring an adjustable pedal system and a choice of steering wheels styles from GT, Prototype, and single-seater cars. The steering system can replicate forces up to Formula 2  level of steering weight, making the testing on the simulator relevant as practice sessions.

Also, the adjustable Pro-Sim braking system can accurately replicate the same pedal travel, feel, and pad knockoff as a real-life race car. The driver’s seat is fitted with tactile feedback, in order to let the driver feel every bump and kerbstone on track, making it easier to feel the limit of the tracks.

Radical SR3 race simulator Projector Screen

One of the most noticeable parts of the setup is the 186 degree, 6 meter double curved screen which fully immerses and surrounds the driver for a true on track feeling on an accurate scale and a correct field of view. The massive screen is powered by no less than three high-res projectors running at a 120hz refresh rate.

TwentyOne Performance preferred this visual setup, as it improves the sense of speed and distance.

Radical SR3 race simulator Data Logging

The TwentyOne Performance simulator setup is capable of performing live telemetry and full data logging. During a session, the analysis station can record speed, brake, throttle, and steering input, and keep track of tyre temperatures and fuel consumption.

​Furthermore, the simulators are equipped with a Live driver communication system available for the driver and two engineers/coaches, enabling live feedback for on-track tuition sessions.

Radical SR3 race simulator car model

Available Car Models:


  • Radical SR1
  • Radical SR3
  • Radical SR8
  • LMP3
  • LMP2
  • Spire

Single Seater

  • Formula 4
  • Formula 3
  • Formula 2
  • Formula Renault
  • Formula Ford

GT Cars

  • Porsche Carrera Cup
  • Lamborghini Super Trofeo
  • Ferrari Challenge
  • Various GT3
  • Various GT4


  • Mini Challenge
  • Clio Cup
  • Caterham
  • Ginetta Junior
  • Ginetta G40 and GT5
  • Ginetta G55 and GT4
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Radical SR3 race simulator chassis