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Automobilista Hotfix V1.5.3 Deployed

Automobilista Hotfix Oct 19

Automobilista Hotfix V1.5.3 Deployed

Reiza Studios deployed a new hotfix patch for its Automobilista racing title. Update v1.5.3adresses some of the main remaining issues since the last release.


  • Added a hardcoded SteeringFFBMult value so a car will still have Force Feedback even if the value is missing or zeroed in its physics file
  • Fixed Fanatec DD base features initialization in compatibility mode
  • Fixed centering spring on game startup for Logitech wheels & small adjustments to rotation range method
  • Fixed Fanatec wheel rumble being turned off in wrong way
  • Donington: Switched off collision for pit building roof so Trucks won´t be stuck
  • Snetterton: Fixed crash in AMS Dedi loading Snetterton 300; Fixed filters so the track will be available for FTruck series; Small graphical and object updates

Automobilista is available via the dedicated Steam page for 23,99€.

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