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Automobilista – New Formula Car Footage

Automobilista - New Formula Car Footage

Automobilista – New Formula Car Footage

It is not a secret that Reiza Studios is working on a new high downforce Formula car to be featured in their Automobilista racing simulator.

This new car will be heavily based on a 2017 Formula One spec car that will feature some new physics models to simulate the Turbo hybrid drivetrain and ERS of a modern top spec Formula car.

Reiza Studios physics creator Niels Heusinkveld has now posted a preview video showing us the WIP car in action at the Hockenheim track that will be featured in the Automobilista Legendary Tracks Part 3 DLC. The video also lets us sample the new audio improvements that will be will be part of the upcoming Automobilista v1.4 build.

The Hockenheim DLC is scheduled for release by the end of May 2017.  Owners of the Automobilista Beta are already able to test both the modern and 2001 version in the current Beta Build. You can get access to the Beta and all AMS DLCs released and still to come in one single purchase by acquiring the AMS Season Pass here.

  • Automobilista – Season Pass for all DLCs – 36,99€
  • Automobilista + Season Pass for All DLCs – 48,73€
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