Black Box Simracing Hardware GT sequential Shifter

Black Box Simracing Hardware GT Sequential Shifter

A few months ago, Black Box Simracing Hardware revealed the prototype of the GT Sequential Shifter he had been working on. In this video, you can see one of the two prototypes he created. While there are still some features missing such as painted parts, anodized parts, and a carbon plate, the unit represents a good 90% of what will be the final product.

Black Box Simracing explains that after correcting a few minor details, the GT Sequential Shifter is mechanically virtually indestructible. The Shifter Lever is crafted out of a single piece of billet aluminum. the shifter arm is connected to the base unit by using two solid steel forks and all axis holes are fitted with self-lubricating bushings.

The internal mechanism is made out of 6mm steel, aluminum, and bronze pre-lubricated parts to minimize friction. In front of the main shifter arm, a black “Reverse lock” lever is fitted and acts as a switch.

In total, the GT Sequential Shifter electronics outputs 4 digital signals.  GEAR +, GEAR -, R (or alternative command), and a fourth command that is custom programmable. The alternative buttons are located on the base cylinder behind the lever mechanics.

The R command (Reverse Lever) is triggered by a confirm signal. This means that the R command acts as a SHIFT function on your keyboard. In order to engage the Reverse gear, you will have to pull the lever. Once the lever is released the shifter will revert back to its normal function.

At this time it is not clear if, when, or how Black Box Simracing will market the GT Sequential Shifter. We will keep you posted when we find out more.

Video by Black Box Simracing
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