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SRG Cube Controls Formula Pro Rim Review
Barry Rowland of The Sim Racing Garage reviews the Formula Pro Steering Wheel by Cube Controls.Read More

GamerMuscle Checks Out The SimTechPro SimBase 327
In his latest video, GamerMuscle takes us on a tour at VRRC checking out the various components that make up the SimTechPro SimBase 327 Racing Simulator.Read More

SUPER Ultra-wide Review
Recently, RTA Motorsports picked up a 49 inch Super Ultra-Wide monitor and now shares his experiences from a Sim Racing perspective. Read More
GameSTUL HomeRevolution V3
The latest Gamestul promo video shows us the third generation of their Home Revolution Cockpit.Read More
GamerMuscle Checks Out The Vive Pro
During his visit to the VRRC, GamerMuscle had the opportunity to check out the recently released HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality headset. Read More
GamerMuscle takes an in-depth look at the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Edition F1 Set Force Feedback wheel and pedals for the PC and the PS4.Read More
Sim Racing Coach GT1 Pro Wheel
YouTuber and avid sim racer Chris Haye, reviews the Sim Racing Coach GT1 Pro sim racing wheel.Read More
SMS Mad Box Controller
Ian Bell has shared some new images showing us early concept renders of what could become the controller for the SMS Mad Box Console.Read More
Cube Controls Formula CSX Rim
Cube Controls introduces the Cube Controls Formula CSX wheel rim which is now up for pre-order.Read More
Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the Realteus ForceFeel Haptic Gaming Pad. Read More
Chris Haye about Direct Drive Wheels
In his latest video, Chris Haye shares his experiences setting up and dialing in his newly purchased Direct Drive wheel.Read More
Shifter Showdown [review] - Heusinkveld Vs. Aiologs
Sim Racing Corner published a comparison showdown review focusing on the differences and similarities between the Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential and the Aiologs SQ Shifter. Read More