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JR Motorsports iRacing pro sim racers take you around the Monster Mile, Dover International Speedway, in preparation for the 11th race of the 2012 NASCAR iRacing Series World Championship. Read More

FergoTech did a little update on his iRacing FFB Tool to output clipping data through the serial port. That allowed him to use the same TM1638 display of his “DIY Shiftlights and Dashboard” project to show Force Feedback clipping information in real time, without having to use the sim in Windowed mode Read More

Pablo Lopez's start and several shots of the Drivers World Championship Grand Prix Series 2012 Round 9 with the Williams FW31 @ Silverstone Circuit - Full Course. Read More
Join Now. Offer Ends July 31st! New memberships are half off until the end of July. We have never run a sale like this before so now is the time to give iRacing a try. Click on an offer and join the thousands already racing online! Read More
The iRacing Data Display Unit, iRDDU for short, will give the iRacing enthusiast exactly what is lost under many circumstances...and it's FREE! It will function on any monitor, and many sim racing fans have multiple monitors connected to their PC system. Read More
Stabiz competed in the Inside Simracing 120 minutes of Thunder. He seemed to have a great race, and reported the margin for error was very small at times. This is footage from the from the top split race. Read More
JR Motorsports iRacing pro sim racers take you around Kentucky Speedway in preparation for the tenth race of the 2012 NASCAR iRacing Series World Championship. Check it out! Come race with us on! Watch the broadcast on on Tuesday night or archived on the website. Read More
iRacing member, Andrew MacPherson, won the 2012 Best Member Video this year by one vote over Alex Horn, who won second place honors. As the competition was so close, we are awarding both Andrew and Alex with $500 iRacing credits. Watch all the videos on the iRacing Youtube channel. Read More has reached agreements that will see four of England’s leading race tracks Thruxton, Croft, Mallory Park and Snetterton added to the world’s foremost online motorsports service. Additionally, iRacing announced plans to build a digital version of the Honda Civic 2KC as raced in the British Touring Car Championship. Read More
DreamRacing track events wanted to show you how close the simulators they use ( iRacing) is to "the real thing".. The track is laser scanned and it's the exact reproduction of the 1.1 mile infield course of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, that you will master during the Dream Racing Experience™. Before the real driving session you will be put in their iRacing simulator for a training session that will help you to familiarize with the controls and learn the track. Read More
iRacingTV is back with another episode to bring you up to speed on all things iRacing! This episode features an update from iRacing president, Tony Gardner on recent developments and future projects. Read More
Stabiz has been testing the Cadillac CTS-V for the TFR race on tuesday. Enjoy this Video showing the GT in all its Slo Mo glory. The music is "The Narcotic Suite" (Claustrophobic sting) by The Prodigy. Read More