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Another Year has past... Happy New Year all

Posted On January 1, 2015By WixIn News

Another Year has past… Happy New Year

Thanks to all you out there for making 2014 a year to remember.Read More

Niels Heusinkveld Q&A part 4
Niels Heusinkveld of Heusinkveld Engineering presents part 4 of his community Q&A session.Read More

Niels Heusinkveld Q&A3

Posted On December 14, 2014By WixIn News

Niels Heusinkveld Q&A Part 3 – Sim hardware talk

Niels Heusinkveld of Heusinkveld Engineering presents part 3 of his Q&A session. In this video Niels answers the pc/sim hardware related questions.Read More
Greg Hill
Good Game sat down with vehicle audio guru Greg Hill. In this video, Gregg shows us a glimpse of his work and passion.Read More
Black Friday

Posted On November 27, 2014By WixIn News

Black Friday Sim Racing Deals

Its here again! Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Get yourself the best deal of the year on a selection of Sim and Race game products.Read More
Sector3 Studios

Posted On November 20, 2014By WixIn News, RaceRoom

Sector3 Studios launched its new Website

Sector3 Studios launched it's brand new official website sharing company info and available job opportunities.Read More
Pit Talk Asia GT Championship

Posted On November 19, 2014By WixIn News

2014 Pit Talk GT Simulator Championship

Pit Talk, launched the GT Simulator Championship series with the support of Caterham Motorsport Asia, enabling the winner to enjoy a test drive in a Caterham Supersport Asia race car.Read More
Real Rally Demo

Posted On October 31, 2014By WixIn News

Real Rally 2015 DEMO 2.0 available

Formerly known as an Italian Richard Burns Rally mod, RealRally 2.0 is a client-based game based on the Richard Burns Rally simulation engine.Read More
Richard Burns Rally Oculus Rift

Posted On October 30, 2014By WixIn News

Richard Burns Rally Oculus Rift DK2 test

This is the latest video by Betta Lines from his "Through the Lens" Series of tests using the Oculus Rift DK2. In this episode, Betta Lines fires up the old, but brilliant Richard Burns Rally.Read More
Niels Heusinkveld Q&A
Last week we posted part one of the Niels Heusinkveld Q&A session. This is part two of the Q&A session where Niels is answering the last few 'personal' questions.Read More
DriveClub All action

Posted On October 1, 2014By WixIn News

DRIVECLUB – All Action Trailer

With less than a week before the DriveClub release for PlayStation 4, Evolution Studios and PlayStation published an All Action trailer that shows us the action we can expect in the action racer.Read More
Niels Heusinkveld Q&A

Posted On September 26, 2014By WixIn News

Niels Heusinkveld Q&A: Part one of many

In the beginning of August Niels Heusinkveld invited the Sim community to post questions for a future Q&A. Here is part one of the Q&A.Read More