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2017 Winter Sales Steam
We listed up some interesting Steam Winter Sale bargains which may be of interest to the sim racing community.Read More

Ben Payne Interview
Alan Boiston of Team VVV interviews Ben Payne who is the new Director of Esports at McLaren.Read More

Herr Löblich Looks Back at the Sim Racing Expo 2017
German YouTuber and avid Sim Racer Danny Altmann aka Herr Löblich and his cameraman Martin Kaps look back at this year's Sim Racing Expo.Read More
Rudy Van Buren Interview
Alan Boiston of TeamVVV sat down with Rudy Van Buren to talk about how it felt to win the 2017 World’s Fastest Gamer competition.Read More
Black Friday 2017
The 2017 Black Friday Sales are here. Lets see if there are some interesting deals to be made for Sim Racing enthusiastsRead More
Fernando Alonso Esport
Two-time Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso announced, he is starting his own Sim Racing team.Read More
WFG Winner Rudy Van Buren
Rudy Van Buren has won the Worlds Fastest Gamer Competition and will become an official McLaren Simulator driver.Read More
Sim Racing System
SRS announced that the new online racing series for Assetto Corsa will start on November 20th.Read More
Team VVV Zak Brown interview
Alan Boiston of Team VVV interviewed Executive Director of the McLaren technology Group, Zak Brown about the WFG competition.Read More
WFG Finals
The World Fastest Gamer finalists are at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking Surrey UK to fight for the grand finale of the World's Fastest Gamer competition.Read More
Damian Lempart
Polish racing driver and member Damian Lempart, wrote a very interesting article supporting the sim-racing to real racing transition.Read More
Sim Racing Malta
Sim Racing Malta, a new dynamic and professional team of racing fans are launching soon a series of online championships.Read More