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McLaren Honda eSports
The McLaren-Honda Formula One team has officially announced that they will organize an eSports competition to find the World’s Fastest Gamer. Read More

Nicki Thiim - The Mancave
Join us for a tour around Nicki Thiim's sim racing mancave.Read More

Verbal Chicanery
Sim Racer Rhys Gardiner took his creativity one step further and set out to produce a full blown Rap album about Sim Racing.Read More
Pablo Lopez
In his latest video, Pablo López tries to encourage fellow sim-racers who share his racing dream, to try and keep on climbing the ladder from virtual to real.Read More
Atze Kerkhof (Adrenaline Control) is coaching and training the racing champions of tomorrow in a state of the art racing simulator.Read More
Sim Racing Expo 2017
German racing driver and event organizer, Marc Hennerici introduces the 2017 edition of the Sim Racing Expo.Read More
The Simpit interviews Apex Racing
At the $1 million Visa Vegas e-Race a few weeks ago, Shaun Cole of the Simpit interviewed some members of the famous Apex Racing Sim racing team.Read More
The Simpit Visa Vegas e-Race
Shaun Cole of the Simpit was able to interview Team Redline team principal Dom Duhan and sim driver Enzo Bonito at the Visa Vegas e-Race event.Read More
Visa Vegas E Race
We ask ourselves... How good was the $200,000 Virtual Visa Vegas e-Race?Read More
Glenn McGee ROC
Glenn McGee has been named one of ten finalists to join James Hinchcliffe on Team ROC Factor North America. He needs our vote!Read More
Empty Box
YouTubing Sim Racer Empty Box reflects on his personal opinion regarding the current state of the Sim Racing Community.Read More
Grand Prix Legends 1955 F1 Promotion Movie
The GPL 55 modding team posted a promo video for their upcoming 1955 Formula one mod for Grand Prix Legends.Read More