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Empty Box AI
In his latest video, Empty Box takes a look at what we as a user can do to improve the behaviour of the A.I. opponents in a racing game.Read More

Winter Holiday
It is time to take a little family winter holiday break to recharge my batteries.Read More

Wreckfest Dec 2015
BugBear Entertainment has released a new update for their Wreckfest smash 'em up racer that was formerly known as Next Car Game. Read More
How to Tacle the Nordschleife
Antony Ashley, who is working as an RSRNurburg driving instructor at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, recorded a guided full lap around the legendary Ring. Read More
Black Friday for Sim Racers
It's Black Friday again. So let's see if there are some interesting deals to be made for Sim Racing enthusiasts.Read More
Team Redline Interview
The famous Team Redline Sim Racing team was interviewed at the 2015 SimRacing EXPO at the German Nürburgring.Read More
GamerMuscle Simulation
GamerMuscle uploaded his latest Sim Racing based video production, discussing the lack of a ranking multiplayer system on most platforms.Read More
Sim Racing Nordschleife
As many Sim Racing enthusiasts out there, also RaceDepartment's AussieStig visited the 2015 Sim Racing Expo at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. He brought back some interesting video footage we want to share with you all.Read More
Iberica Racing Team Sim Racing Expo 2015
The Spanish based Iberia Racing Team has released a video highlighting their visit of the 2015 SimRacing EXPO. It's an entertaining video that gives us the flavor of the event and the fun the team had meeting up with fellow sim racers.Read More
ISR Logitech G29 review
Darin Gangi and co-host John Sabol from Inside Sim Racing are presenting a new episode of their Live edition of the "This Week Inside Sim Racing" show (September 9th, 2015)Read More
Max Angelo
Gjon Camaj of Image Space Incorporated has sadly announced that his good friend and long-time ISI/rFactor supporter and community member Massimo Angiolucci (Max Angelo) has passed away.Read More
RTB available
Brendon Pywell released his "Race Track Builder" advanced track creation tool on the Steam platform.Read More