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Summer Holiday 2016
Being a one-man team with a full-time job, and a wife and daughter, it is time for me to take a little summer holiday break and recharge my batteries. I will welcome you all back next week.Read More

Former Nismo global motorsport director Darren Cox launches a Virtual Pro Race Team and outlines the future of Racing game eSports.Read More

Steam Summer Sale
The legendary annual Steam Summer Sale has kicked off offering big discounts. We had a look at some of the interesting Steam deals for Sim Racers and Race Gamers out there.Read More
Codemasters Evolution Studios
Codemasters has announced that on April 25, they will employ the remaining former Evolution Studios employees to work on future Codemasters products.Read More
Tiny Feet Studios
A former Simbin Studios development team member plans to bring a new installment of the popular GT Legends racing game to the current PC scene.Read More
Empty Box AI
In his latest video, Empty Box takes a look at what we as a user can do to improve the behaviour of the A.I. opponents in a racing game.Read More
Winter Holiday
It is time to take a little family winter holiday break to recharge my batteries.Read More
Wreckfest Dec 2015
BugBear Entertainment has released a new update for their Wreckfest smash 'em up racer that was formerly known as Next Car Game. Read More
How to Tacle the Nordschleife
Antony Ashley, who is working as an RSRNurburg driving instructor at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, recorded a guided full lap around the legendary Ring. Read More
Black Friday for Sim Racers
It's Black Friday again. So let's see if there are some interesting deals to be made for Sim Racing enthusiasts.Read More
Team Redline Interview
The famous Team Redline Sim Racing team was interviewed at the 2015 SimRacing EXPO at the German Nürburgring.Read More
GamerMuscle Simulation
GamerMuscle uploaded his latest Sim Racing based video production, discussing the lack of a ranking multiplayer system on most platforms.Read More