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Autodromo Monza Twenty kilometers north of Milan, Italy, built walking distance from the Royal Villa and accented by Europe’s fourth largest walled park, is a high speed automobile racing circuit known for punishing gearboxes and providing a challenge to even the most talented drivers. Read More

More cars are on their way, but before Simbin reveals the details, they would like to share this little sound teaser with you all. Can you guess the car behind the sounds? ... Can you guess what car might be coming to R3E next? Read More

Markus Matthias has tested the BMW M3 GT2 for R3E that was released earlier today. Read More
Simbin is glad to tell you that the BMW M3 GT2 is now available in the R3E store. Join today’s challenge and try out the BMW M3 GT2 on Suzuka Circuit for free. Read More
Simbin recently released the P4/5 Competizione for RaceRoom Racing Experience. Markuss Matthias took the custom build Endurance racer for a spin, and uploaded the video of the try out. Read More
Simbin released the P4/5 Competizione for RaceRoom Racing Experience. As the car has been proven to be very popular in the real world, this is certainly a very nice addition to the already impressive RRE list of cars. Read More
Simbin Quote: We have finally reached the week where we will be releasing three new cars. Today we are happy to welcome theFord GT GT1 to the selction of cars in R3E. Read More
Simbin Quote: Who doesn’t love GT Cars? They are beautiful to look at, fantastic to hear, absolute bliss to drive, yet challenging to fully master. With this release, we are in the listed order introducing the Ford GT1, the P4/5 Competizione and the BMW M3 GT2 during Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week. Read More
Markus Matthias posted two new videos showcasing the BMW M3 E30 GR A and the Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo GR 5 in Simbin´s Raceroom Racing Experience. Read More
SimBin Quote: It is time to add another car to our Bavarian license! Today we announce the addition of the BMW M3 GT2. This multiple race winning car is the predecessor of the just announced BMW Z4 GTE, which is based on the BMW Z4 GT3. A car you can race in RaceRoom Racing Experience Read More
The Easter bunny has gone slightly mad (no pun intended)... He came in over night and replaced all the Apex markers with Easter eggs... It is time to get cracking on the Apex/Egg Hunt game mode and make yourself an omelet du fromage! Read More
Simbin announced that the RaceRoom Hillclimb track will be available in R3E during Easter. Read More