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After yesterdays SimBin BMW Licence, today Simbin announced yet another brand for use in their RaceRoom Racing Experience Sim. This time the McLaren MP4-12C GT3. Read More

SimBin Licenced a selection of BMW cars for use in their RaceRoom Racing Experience Sim. First up will be the BMW 320 Turbo Gruppe 5. Read More

RaceSrarTeam visited the Essen Motorsport Show 2012 and shot this little video of the RaceRoom booth at the show. Read More
On the 2012 Essen Motor Show visitors are able to experience motor sports close up and turn the wheel themselves. Together with RaceRoom, the Motor Show presents challenging Time Attack Races in the RaceRoom simulators from 1.12.-9.12.12 Read More
It is still possible to sign up for the beta. You can either sign up through the game by clicking the ‘Join The Beta’ button found in the main menu or you can go to this website and sign up. Read More
Become an integral part of the SimBin web team and work with them to create their next generation racing portal. Read More
Diego Satori of SimBin went through yet another Q&A This is part 5. Read More
BSNismo Had around 20 mins with it and it's quite good. Seems the perfect balance of sim and say GT5 and Forza, quite fun. The sound is just naughty! Read More
The award winning Swedish game developer SimBin Studios AB and German publisher RaceRoom Entertainment AG today presented additional free content for the RaceRoom Racing Experience™ Teaser. Furthermore SimBin Studios has opened the doors for a closed Beta testing program. Read More
SimBin Quote: After recruiting an internal team of testers earlier this year with great success, we are now about to start a closed beta program for RaceRoom Racing Experience™ that will give exclusive game access to thousands of people. The content of the closed beta builds will change on a regular basis with focus on different features, cars or tracks everytime. Read More
Diego Satori of SimBin went through yet another Q&A and the answers to said official RaceRoom Racing Experience Q&A #4 are now up on the SimBin website and, for the sake of simplicity, on RD as well! RaceRoom Racing Experience is an upcoming Free-to-Play game to be released by SimBin, creators of GT-R, GT Legends, Race07 and many other hardcore simulation games. A teaser is currently available to the public through Steam. Read More
SimBin just release a tutorial video to show us how enable the in-Session Leaderboard. in RaceRoom Racing Experience. Follow the steps described in this video to see your position on the global leaderboard in real time while driving. Read More