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Simbin added the BMW M3 E30 to their allready impressive licence package for RaceRoom Racing Experience. In their own words... As car fanatics and game developers it is Simbin´s pleasure to recreate racing icons like the E30. Read More

SimBin Quote: We are happy to announce a new addition to RaceRoom Racing Experience. When I say happy, I mean we are jumping up and down while dancing on the table! It is the most extreme Capri ever to be raced in history! This purpose build Capri from the Group 5 era is a racing monster on its own. Read More

Sim Bin's RaceRoom Experience - Mclaren-Mercedes SLR 722GT at the Japanese Suzuka track. Video by Markus Matthias Read More
Simbin are happy to show you the 2nd car of their McLaren license. In the near future you will be able to race the McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722GT in RaceRoom Racing Experience! Read More
This promotional video features glimpses of new tracks as well as new car models soon to be released in RaceRoom Racing Experience. Among the video clips one can find the McLaren SLR 722 GT and the RUF RT12R but also historical racers like the Zakspeed Capri. Read More
After Simbins initial announcement of the Pagani Zonda R, followed by the WIP post and finished off with a little spring treat during 2012, they started to pick up some chatter about why they did not make the updated Zonda R. Read More
After the RUF CTR3 announcement Simbin keeps its promise. More RUF‘s in RaceRoom Racing Experience! Read More
Not sure if you want to purchase a certain car for RaceRoom Racing Experience? Now here is your chance. Simbin has rolled out a try before you buy deal for your needs. First up is the Audi R8 LMS Ultra and the Cougar C14/1. Try them for free for 24h. Read More
Simbin are happy to share with you that they have signed another great car manufacturer for RaceRoom Racing Experience. One of Detroit’s Big 3, Ford Motor Company. Read More
SimBin Quote: Throughout the development of RaceRoom Racing Experience, we have created working relationships with various hardware manufacturers. During the last six months, we’ve enjoyed the cultivation of a strong business and technical relationship with Intel® Corporation, and as a direct result have managed to optimize the title for Intel Ultrabooks. “It’s been a pleasure to work with a company so successful in the hardware industry. Intel has provided us with the tools and technology needed to bring RaceRoom Racing Experience to the gaming hardware of the future. ”Read More
With the release of the RaceRoom Racing Experience open beta , some nice community videos appeared on the web. Here is a nice selection of footage uploaded this week by Markus Matthias. Read More
SimBin Studios AB keeps an eye out for talent coming from the modding community. Alex Hummler aka COM8 is one of the people you may know as the builder of some quality scratch build tracks you might have used in rFactor or GTR2. Turning a hobby into a job at Simbin HQ Sweden is something allot of us would envy. On the Insider.Simbin blog Alex talks about the past and present of his passion.Read More