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Reiza Copa Petrobras de Marcas
Reiza Studios released V1.30 of their Game Stock Car Extreme title adding the Bologna Historic track and the Copa Petrobras de Marcas touring cars.Read More

Reiza Studios now added the Reiza Racing Bundle to their Steam Page. The bundle includes both Stock Car Extreme and Formula Truck 2013.Read More

Reiza Studios posted an audio comparison showcasing the quality and accuracy of the Stockcar V8 audio in Game Stock Car Extreme.Read More
Game Stock Car Extreme 1_27
Reiza Studios released Game Stock Car Extreme Update v1.27. Besides a big list of fixes and optimizations, the update also includes the new 4-stroke GX390 Kart and the Londrina kart circuit featuring 3 layouts.Read More
Copa Petrobras de Marca
Rieza Studios posted a video giving us the opportunity to compare the real vs the updated in-game audio of their Copa Petrobras de Marcas Simulator.Read More
Reiza Studios Shaders
The development team at Reiza Studios are working on a new set of shader and texture updates with the aim of delivering a more detailed variation and realistic looking environment.Read More
GSCE Empty Box
Empty Box has uploaded a review video of the latest version of Game Stock Car Extreme by Reiza Studios.Read More
Reiza Studios GSCE
Reiza Studios released v1.25 of Game Stock Car Extreme on the Steam Network.Read More
Reiza Rental Karts
Once again, Reiza Studios have surprised us with more high-quality content introducing Rental Karts to GSC Extreme.Read More
Reiza Studios posted a video of the soon to be released LMP Metalmoro MR18 Prototype for Game Stock Car Extreme v1.25.Read More
Formula Truck 2013
Two days ago, Reiza Studios made their Formula Truck 2013 title available on the Steam Network. This inspired Betta Lines to have another look at the Truck Racing simulator.Read More
Reiza Formula Truck 2013
Reiza Studios have made their Formula Truck 2013 title available on the Steam Network.Read More