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On their Facebook page, Digital Apex Modding.announced the Volkswagen Polo G40 Cup Mod. At this time its not clear what the platform of choice will be, but the team allready included some model renders for us to enjoy. Read More

Tommy78 released a beta version of his Maserati Trofeo GT mod, Because the project is in WIP, some features like, like wipers and driver animation are not implemented yet. Tommy decided to release this work in progress for testing purposes. Read More

Mak-Corp is pleased to release renders of the final look of the 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400 that will be featured in the MAK-Corp Classic Cars Mod. The 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400 boasts a powerful transverse V12 engine outputting 350bhp which provided unmatched performance figures in its time. The Classic Cars mod is being developed for both rFactor 1 and Factor 2 fans alike. Read More
Vincent -Sollana brings us a new version of the Mugello Circuit for rFactor2. For a first attempt at a conversion for rFactor-2 he certainly did a great job. Hit the download lijk, and give it a try. Read More
The 997 GT3 Cup is back ! EnduRacers happily unveil a new high quality projet featuring the famous Porsche racing car. The mod based model was unveiled in early 2010 and was immediately introduced into the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, the Carrera Cups in Germany, Asia, Japan and Italy as well as the GT3 Cup Challenges in the USA and the Middle East. The Team has decided to feature the 5 biggest championships around the world : Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain, PorscheRead More
Mexes have been working some more on his beautifull Lotus 16 model. He also states that after he finishes the BRM P25, he will continue work on the Vanwall and the Cooper. Eventually these models will become a mod for rFactor2 and maybe GTR3. Read More
With new sponsors onboard, including Thrustmaster and rSeat, and the new broadcasting channel Simrace.TV, FSR is looking towards an increased exposure. The flagship series "World Championship" is once again filled with world-class talent, including youngest FSR two-times world champion Bono Huis and well-known sim- and real-life racers such as David Greco and Stoffel Vandoorne. Read More
Entropyxel is working on the famous TOP GEAR Dunsfold track. The track ismade from scratch and will include 7 differents layouts The Top Gear Test Track layout you all know from the show, will be the first release. Read More
Feels3 is sowing us a lap arround the virtual version of the Croft track. In a previous video you could see him experiment with detail effects like moving leaves. At this time it seems that there are only a few projects in progress for rF2, but if they all build with this kind of passion , all will be fine. Read More
Feels3 seems to be experimenting with detail effects on his Croft track creation. In this video you will see a leave move in the wind created by a passing car. This is a great example of unexpected effect using skill and creativity. Read More
CTDP is showing us the first ingame screenshots of the International Formula Master mod for rFactor2. They where slightly delayed because of a problem that turned up regarding the normals of the model, but all looks fine now. Read More
This is a nice video of the Second SimJunkies race of the Yeehawstorix series using the HistorX 1.9 mod for rFactor. If your interested in this series make sure to check out their website, and find out how and where to join the fun. Read More