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In the past EC Sim Hardware developed their custom ADVANCED Physics Engine for WRC 3 (PC) to give the game more of a simulation feel.Now they have been at work on the WRC 4 version of their physics enhancement, and released Version 0.9.Read More

Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing released V3.3.2 of the SLIMax Manager. SLIManager is the most advanced manager tool for your sim racing hardware.SLIMax Manager III v3.3.2 is now out with FULL support for the Steelseries SRW-S1 steering wheel + a complete revamped UI and major improvements.Read More

SimDash is the operating software for Sym Projects and SRH hardware products. Wile most Sim Racing titles where already supported, with the new generation platforms becoming popular, Sym Projects has now updated the software for your precious Sim Hardware.Read More
Sim Racing Tech explains how to connect to multiple channels on the same Teamspeak server.This might be common knowledge to the experienced gamer or Simracer, but is often a world full of questions for the beginner.Read More
Gerben Bol of FanaLeds fame is very happy to announce that Fanaleds 2.0 is coming to your racing rig soon!The long-awaited support for SLI-devices from Leo Bodnar will finally arrive in the next version of Fanaleds.Read More
EKSIMRacing has been working on new API v3 with the Codemasters dev team and is now providing the new plugin for GRID 2 at the same time as the new Codemasters GRID 2 patch for PC.Check out the short video clip using a Fanatec ClubSport and SLIMax Manager III with GRID 2.Read More
The new SLIMax Manager III V3.1 by EKSIMRacing is released and ready for Download.Read More
EKSIMRacing has been working in the past with Leo Bodnar to create the famous SLI-PRO and now I'm proud to announce a new collaboration with another genius of electronics named Nace from SIM DisplayRead More
Fanaleds are pleased to announce they released a new version of Fanaleds with some great new features.They have added Logitech G27 support and 3 new games including Assetto Corsa.Read More
As you might have seen on the Fanaleds Facebook page they have big plans for 2013!Because they are very proud of the current progress they would like to show you what the status is so far... On the video you can see the Logitech G27, Fanatec Clubsport Wheel, Fanatec GT3RS V2, SLI-PRO and SLI-M by Leo Bodnar.Read More
CarX 2.0 driving simulator software is being tested on a iPhone 3GS running Unity3d and using the Gyroscope to perform different tasks.Read More
Fanaleds celebrates the new website launch with another release of their fabulous Fanatec app.Fanaleds is the official and free plugin for your Fanatec hardware. This is the new V1.3 release of the Fanaleds application.Read More