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SLIMax Dash Emulator For Android Preview

SLIMax Dash emulator

SLIMax Dash Emulator For Android Preview

Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing is working on an SLIMax Dash Emulator for the Android OS. The video shows us a one of the current alpha versions in action.

The Android application is powered by SLIMax Manager using a Wi-Fi network and can be used with more than 50 games or simulations such as rFactor, rFactor 2, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Simbin and Sector 3 products, Reiza Studios titles, All Codemasters games, Project CARS, PiBoso Titles, and many more.

All current owners of the EKSIMRacing hardware emulator (SLI-Emu / SRF1-Emu license) will get the new app for free. GOLD Subscribers will be able to take part in the alpha/beta tests of the new emulator.

The SLIMax Dash Emulator for Android is powered by the SLIMax Manager and includes a firmware emulation of the SIM Race F1 display and the input controller featuring:

  • 15 RPM leds
  • 6 Marshal leds
  • 7 External leds
  • 1 Central gear digit
  • 2 panels of 4  digits
  • 32 buttons or 16 encoders
  • 9 Rotary switches

The app supports hi-res touch screens on mobile devices. The Dash-Emulator will be fully customizable and when ready, will come with at least 3 templates. (NASCAR Spek Pro Gauges, Cosworth like Dash and DSD like button box)

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