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Z1 Dashboard Interview
At the 2016 iRace4Life seminar, John Sabol of Inside Sim Racing interviewed Doug Gerard of iAnalyze and Russell Hodgson who created the Z1 Dashboard.Read More

Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing has released the VDash-EMU for the Android OS.Read More


Stella Stig posted a small video review showing the popular DashMeterPro telemetry app by Sensadigit.

Read More
SLIMax Dash Emulator
Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing is working on an SLIMax Dash Emulator for the Android OS. The video shows us a one of the current alpha versions in action.Read More
Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing released a preview video of the V3.4.2 SLIMax Manager. This update packs a load of improvements, and optimisations.Read More
Gerben Bol of FanaLeds fame released Fanaleds version 2.2H. This release should solve some stability issues in rFactor and Assetto Corsa.Read More
SimXperience Sim Commander 4
SimXperience is almost ready to release the next version of its Sim Commander Software suite. Sim Commander 4 will feature a large list of new features.Read More
Sim Commander 4
SimXperience, the company that brings you the world famous Stage 5 Racing Simulator, Simvibe Tactile feedback Software and the Industry Leading Motion Engine Software "Sim Commander 3" have revealed an interesting feature that will be implemented in the upcoming Sim Commander 4 application.Read More
Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing released V3.4 of the SLIMax Manager. This update packs a load of improvements, and is free for all registered SLIMax users.Read More
Sym Projects Sim Monitor
Sym Projects just released Sim Dash 5 for its range of telemetry hardware solutions.  With it, Sym Projects introduces the " Sim Monitor"  application. This new software solution will enable you to display a telemetry application on a secondary monitor of your choice.  Read More
AMD Radeon
More and more users of the AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta Driver start to report a significant frame rate improvement when using their favourite simulator because of the Mantle technology. This is somewhat controversial, since the AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta must be used in conjunction with versions of these applications that support Mantle. Read More
In the past EC Sim Hardware developed their custom ADVANCED Physics Engine for WRC 3 (PC) to give the game more of a simulation feel. Now they have been at work on the WRC 4 version of their physics enhancement, and released Version 0.9. Read More