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SRD-M3 software Update v3.6.3 available now

SRD-M3 software Update v3.6.3 available now

Renovatio Windows-based SRD-M3 software suite

SRD-M3 software Update v3.6.3 available now

The Italian Renovatio Development company has released a new update for their t3rd generation of the Windows-based SRD-M3 software suite, which powers their SRD range of Data Display units.

For more info about the Renovatio Development telemetry hardware, check out the Renovatio brochure.

Changelog v3.6.3:

  • Plugin RRRE updated, 64bit support added
  • Plugin iRacing updated, lap time bug fixed
  • New “RPM Blink” option (shift lights will blink on rev limiter)
  • Switch and slider GUI controls optimized
  • SRD-R3 “Shift Lights” bug fixed
  • SRD-R3 “Rpm Gauge” enabled/disabled option added
  • In-app help improved
  • Minor bug fixes

*A fresh installation is recommended (uninstall your current version before installing the v3.6.3

The SRD-M3 software suite also comes with a real-time data acquisition and visualization system that outputs animated 2D vector-based graphics. The application lets you save, load and print the acquired data to compare in future sessions. The vTelemetry graphic interface is fully customizable allowing you to change the graph colors, channel colors, Max/Min scale values, and enable/disable various parameters.

The virtual desktop dashboard features analog gauges and indicator lights showing you some basic car info. Also, this graphical user interface is vector based allowing you to fully customize them to meet your personal taste.

In its current version, the software package makes the Renovatio SRD devices compatible with 46 racing game titles.

SRD-M3 v3.6.3 compatibility list:

  • Assetto Corsa
  • Automobilista
  • Project CARS
  • Project CARS 2
  • F1 2017
  • DiRT 4
  • iRacing
  • rFactor 2
  • RaceRoom (R3E)
  • Euro Truck Sim. 2
  • American Truck Sim.
  • DiRT Rally
  • GSC Extreme
  • rFactor
  • Live for Speed
  • GSC 2013
  • GT Legends
  • DiRT 3
  • DTM Experience
  • Race 07
  • GTR Evo
  • STCC
  • Race ON
  • WTCC
  • Race Injection
  • GRID 2
  • GRID Autosport
  • DiRT 2
  • GRID
  • GTR 2
  • Formula RR1
  • STCC2
  • SLF
  • RBR
  • rFactor PRO
  • GameStockCar
  • ARCA
  • Simraceway
  • F1 2010
  • F1 2011
  • F1 2012
  • F1 2013
  • F1 2014
  • F1 2015
  • F1 2016
  • DiRT Showdown


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