Second Monitor Telemetry Viewer Project By Winzarten


Second Monitor Telemetry Viewer Project By Winzarten

Winzarten released the first version of a new Telemetry Viewer app named “Second Monitor”. Currently, the app is available for free at the Github development platform.

Second Monitor is a Timing/Car information application for racing simulators. It displays real-time session information, timing information and basic car status indication.

Aditionally, Winzarten now added a Telemetry Viewer app, that allows you to capture and analyze data from most of the popular Sims. Currently, the app supports Assetto Corsa, RaceRoom, Project CARS 2, Project CARS, Automobilista , rFactor and rFactor 2.



Information provided:

  • Session Information
  • Live timing for each driver
  • Pit information – in practice/qually it is a simple “in/out”, in the race it shows the number of pit stops, and the last pit stop information * Absolute/Relative driver ordering.
  • Absolute/relative times
  • Live delta times between your current lap and previous + personal best
  • Timing Circle (ellipse 😀 ) / Track Map: Position of cars on the track. The app needs one fully timed lap for to be able to show the track map.
  • Car Information – Brake temperatures, tyre temperatures + pressures, tyres condition, pedal and wheel position, oil and water temperatures, pedals and wheel position.
  • Fuel Monitor – Monitoring the current fuel levels and average consumption. Offering quick color-coded information if the actual fuel state is enough to finish the session, and what is the required fuel delta.
  • Fuel Calculator – Use consumption from previous/current session for required for fuel calculation.
  • Detailed lap summer for each driver available by double-clicking on the driver name
  • Session Reports – Ability to automatically export session reports in xlsx file. Files containing race summary, lap overview for each driver, race progress and detailed lap information for players laps

Telemetry Viewer:


Telemetry Viewer allows to view and analyze the telemetry data that the main second monitor application captures during a session. The data are saved per completed lap and grouped into individual sessions. The basic usage of the application is explained in the topics below.

Supported Simulators:

  • R3E – Works out of the box
  • Automobilista – Requires the rFactorSharedMemoryMapPlugin ( Can be automatically installed by the app. This is the same plugin that is used (and automatically installed) by CrewChief, so if you’re using that, you’re good to go.
  • RFactor 1 – Same as Automobilista. Wasn’t tested, but it is the same engine as AMS, and the same plugin is used for data, so it should work.
  • RFactor 2 – Requires the rF2SharedMemoryMapPlugin ( Can be automatically installed by the app. This is the same plugin that is used (and automatically installed) by CrewChief, so if you’re using that, you’re good to go.
  • Assetto Corsa – Requires custom plugin, then should be automatically installed when the app detects Assetto Corsa running. The plugin needs to be enabled in the options settings manually.
  • Project Cars 2 – Works out of the box. Just be sure to enable the shared memory inside Project Cars 2 options
  • Project Cars – Limited functionality as split times and lap times are not provided by the sim api. Splits don’t work at all, and lap timing is done by the app, so the will be a slight difference between what is in the app and what is in the sim. Big thanks to mr_belowski for allowing me to use his project cars pit coordinates from CrewChief 🙂
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