CXC Simulations – Converting A Radical SR3 Racecar Into A Motion Simulator

CXC Simulations - Converting A Radical SR3 Racecar Into A Motion Simulator

CXC Simulations – Converting A Radical SR3 Racecar Into A Motion Simulator

It is clear that Sim Racing and the specialized hardware we use, came a far way since the modest gaming wheel and pedal set back in the day. Today it is safe to say that domestic racing simulators and their dedicated hardware surpassed its pure entertainment purpose, and became an accepted tool within the Motorsports world.  This advancement in software and hardware has also created a professional high-end market for impressively polished and flexible simulation systems sporting a high build quality and great after-sale support.

One of these highly professional companies who helped pave the road to the exciting sim racing revolution of the last few years is CXC Simulations. They are the developers of the popular high-end “Motion Pro II” racing simulator.

Besides building pre-built turnkey motion simulators, CXC can also handle high-end custom projects. Recently, the Norwegian Cruise Lines company challenged CXC to built a racing simulator for use on their new Norwegian Encore cruise ship.

The CXC Simulations’ Special Projects division went in full force, and it has to be said that the end result is mind-blowing. CXC turned a real-world Radical SR3 sportscar into a two-seater VR equipped Full-Motion simulator Chassis, featuring 2 giant Wind Simulation Fans, Seatbelt Tensioners, and a custom Touch Screen User Interface to control it all, resulting in one of the most advanced racing simulators for public use.

CXC Simulations

In 2007, Chris Considine founded CXC Simulations. Based in Los Angeles, California, he started building simulators for both professional drivers and motorsports enthusiasts. It did not take long before the CXC Motion Pro was born. Today the famous CXC Motion Pro Simulator is the pride of the company. The motion simulator is purpose-built for private, professional and commercial environments. Today, CXC Simulations is one of the companies out there raising the bar of modern simulation hardware and its implementation into the real world racing scene.

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