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DEM DRS Integrale – New electronics & New gears

DEM DRS Integrale Pro steering system

DEM DRS Integrale – New electronics & New gears

DEM Racing Simulators posted a new video of their DRS Integrale Professional Steering System project.

During the last few months, DEM Racing Simulators have been testing the latest updates and refinements to their DRS Integrale professional steering system bringing the product closer to its final version. The DRS Integrale twin motor Force Feedback system now features reduced latency and new steel gears to reduce inertia. The DEM team also developed some new electronics to get the most out of the steering system.

In this new video, we can see a test session using the development version of DRS Integrale professional steering system. The game platform used for this test is Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios. Take note that the steering system in the video is not representing the final version. However, the system should be ready for pre-orders pretty soon.

With the DRS Integrale professional steering system, DEM wants to target the Sim Racing market by creating a less expensive professional force feedback wheel that will appeal to the more demanding user. At this time, no pricing has been set.

DRS INTEGRALE specifications:

  • 2x 24v 200W high torque contra-rotating engines, made in Italy
  • 1 reduction stage with large diameter steel gear wheels made in Italy (no belts)
  • engines and gear wheels mounted on large diameter bearing
  • reducer box machined from solid mounted on CNC laser cut steel base, fully made in Italy
  • 1 encoder with 10000 PPR mounted directly on the steering axis (steering wheel position is not influenced by the presence of the reducer)
  • 14 Nm torque (to be confirmed within January)
  • 1024 torque levels for each steering direction (with a resolution of 8 grams of force on a 30cm large steering wheel)
  • possibility to modify steering wheel’s inertia via software to adapt it to different type of cars
  • integrated electronics, with no external components
  • Assetto Corsa plugin that gives you the chance to modify the force feedback response as you prefer (we are working to get this on the other main simulation softwares)
  • fast customer care service thanks to products available on our national territory
  • Windows driver to recognize the peripheral as a force feedback device
  • USB connection
  • size: 210x270x120(h) mm
  • weight: 12 Kg
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