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Derek Speare Designs Back In Business After Hurricane Irma Hit

Derek Speare Designs Back In Business After Hurricane Irma Hit

Derek Speare Designs Back In Business

The production center of Derek Speare Designs (DSD) is situated in Tampa Bay Florida. On September 11, Hurricane Irma hit the Tampa Bay area and DSD was shut down for a period of time due to the weather situation and power outages. Founder Derek Speare now informed his customers that production has resumed, although with a few days of delays.

Press Release:

Hurricane Irma made landfall in Naples, Florida on 10 September as a Category 3 storm.  The storm continued a northward track over land and passed Tampa Bay in the early hours of 11 September.  It was a Category 2 storm when it was approximately 90 miles due east of the DSD production center.  From there the storm dissipated slowly.  Weather in the surrounding area now is clear and sunny.


Our immediate area saw significant winds and rain, but no flooding was encountered.  However, there have been substantial power outages along with wind damage to buildings and fallen trees.  DSD was without power for 38 hours. Our employees will be returning to work this week.


We’re fortunate that the storm was not as terrible as it could have been.  We certainly want each and everyone affected by the storm to find their lives returning to normal as soon as possible.  DSD will resume normal operations tomorrow, Wednesday, 13 September, but our customers who have open orders will see several additional days of delays for fulfillment due to the impact this storm has had over the past five days.  We are working vigilantly to make sure everyone has their DSD components as soon as possible.


That said, email communications will take additional time this week, but our lights are on and we are going well without anything more than a few days of delays.  We appreciate the thousands of customers we have whom we have served for nearly seven years.


Derek Speare,


Founder, Derek Speare Designs


Tampa Bay Florida

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