DiRT Rally 2.0 – VR Status Update

DiRT Rally 2.0 - VR Status Update

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DiRT Rally 2.0 – VR Status Update

At the beginning of August, Codemasters released update V1.7 for their DiRT Rally 2.0 title which added the long-awaited VR support via the Oculus Store and Steam (OpenVR). While this was great news, allot of the DiRT fans were not overwhelmed by the quality and stability of the VR implementation.

Luckily, the development team is keeping track of all the tips/complaints by the community, and is already fixing and improving  VR support issues. The first batch of VR related improvements will be part of the DiRT Rally 2.0 Update V 1.8 which will become available on September 3.

Codemasters Quote:

First up, we posted a VR settings guide. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s here:

Next, we looked at what changes could be made in time for our next update. Version 1.8 is expected to release around September 3. Here’s a snippet of the Patch Notes (which we’re currently assembling) detailing what’s changing for VR:

  • Added option allowing players to choose whether to launch the game in 2D Mode or VR Mode.
  • Added support for separate graphics presets between 2D Mode and VR Mode.
  • Added support for “-novr” launch command.
  • Added ability to bind “Reset View” to a preferred buttons/keys.
  • Resolved issue where the game would crash if no VR headset was plugged in.
  • Improved readability of UI text in VR Mode.

In addition to this, we are currently investigating what is required in terms of time and resources to implement Oculus SDK support into the Steam version of the game.

Adding Oculus SDK support to the Steam version is not a simple matter of flicking a switch, nor is it a case of copy/pasting code from the Oculus version. It’s also not something that can happen immediately or in a very short space of time. We’ll share more in the future once things progress.

  Official Webpage – dirtgame.com
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