EK Sim Racer Chassis Available Early 2024

EK Sim Racer Chassis Available Early 2024

EKWB, also known as EK (Edvard König) Water Blocks, is a Slovenian company founded in 2003 that designs and manufactures high-performance liquid cooling solutions for computers.

We have already seen many computer tech companies venture into the world of sim racing, not unsimilar to the Danish Asetek brand, which is also successful in the liquid cooling industry, and is now producing sim racing hardware.

In June 2023, EKWB revealed a new turn-key Sim Racing rig prototype named EK Sim Racer, which they initially planned to launch in early September, but later postponed to January 2024.

While no detailed spec sheet has been shared regarding the used hardware and materials, the rig can be labeled as a Designer Sim Racing platform, featuring a 4-DOF haptic motion system (Heave, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw).

The sturdy and adaptable cockpit rig is designed to conceal all the cables and actuators, with a PC system compartment integrated into the chassis. The customer will be able to opt for a curved single or 3-monitor setup according to their preference. 

At the time of writing the EK Sim Racer is stated to come with a (not further named) ergonomic racing seat, and integrated Monitor Stand. The racing controls of choice are a MOZA R16 Direct Drive wheelbase with a choice of wheel Moza wheel rims (GS/GT/RS V2), and a Moza 3-pedal SR-P unit.

The rig will be delivered with a (not included in the price) bespoke high-end EKWB PC system. (No further PC details are available at this time – It was also very unclear if the EK Sim Racer can be purchased without an inclusive PC system.)

While all very impressive, the rig seems to lack some features that would be expected for a sim racing product in this price range. The current spec list and pictures do not seem to include or accommodate audio options or means to mount extra peripherals such as shifters, handbrakes, or speakers. Needless to say, this can all change by the time of launch.

EK Sim Racer Chassis Rear

Technical specification:

  • Display Setup: Single 49” curved/triple 32”
  • Steering Wheel: MOZA GS GT (V2) / RS (V2) or equivalent
  • Wheelbase: MOZA R16 or equivalent
  • Pedals: SR-P (3) Pedal or equivalent
  • Seat: Ergonomic racing seat
  • DOF: 4 point
  • Monitor Stand: Launch Edition – unique designer-made front PC bonnet
  • SIM Racing Rig

* Excludes EK Fluid Gaming PC price (our experts will assist in PC selection during purchase).
* Sim Racer ships exclusively paired and tested with an EK Fluid Gaming PC for an optimal out-of-the-box experience.


The EK Sim Racer Chassis is now available for pre-order (after a 100 USD deposit) starting at 19.900 USD. The launch edition includes the special, designer-made front PC bonnet (the stand for the screens). (Terms & Conditions)
Expected availability Q1 2024.

Official Webpage – ekwb.com