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Emery Emond Hydraulic Pedals Review by Sim Racing Garage

Sim Racing Garage

Emery Emond Hydraulic Pedals Review

Our favourite hardware reviewer Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage reviews the “Emery Emond Hydraulic Tilton 600Series Pedals”  According to Barry, in 2011 Emery Emond was one of the pioneers when it comes to hydraulic braking systems build for simulators. Barry already owned a “Emery Emond Hydraulic Tilton Pedals set for about 12 months and decided to do an extensive Sim Racing Garage review. It is emideatly clear that Barry really liked this high-end pedal set.

The top of the line Emery Emond Gen III Tilton based Hydraulic Pedal Set is known for using extremely robust real race car pedals as a base ,including its brake cylinders, hydraulic lines and a pressure sensor, to generate that real feel when braking. As in a real racing car the pedal movement is limited while the hydraulic braking system that is used makes the pedal feel stiff. This stiffness will take more pressure to be moved, enabling you to modulate the pedal pressure accurately while using the full resolution of the pedal sensor. The pedal is hard enough to make it possible for you to lean your foot on the pedal. For this reason, the pedal set needs to be securely bolted down. Because there is  hydraulic fluid in the cylinders the pedals will have to be mounted level. This means that the unit can not be tilted. however, the faces of the pedals can be adjusted horizontal and vertical to accommodate heel and toe usage. 

Barry Rowland will take you on a guided tour showcasing the details, and technical background of the Emery Emond Hydraulic Pedals. In part two of the review, Barry explains how the pedal set can be adjusted to your personal taste. In the last part we can watch a demo drive in the iRacing C6R Corvette on Road America. To end the review Barry Rowland shares his final thoughts on the build quality and feel of this high-end Sim Racing pedal set.

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