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F1 2013 using the CXC Motion Pro II Racing Simulator.

CXC Simulations


CXC Simulations, who are based in Los Angeles, California are known for building developing Simulators for the high end market. The notoriousĀ Motion Pro II Racing SimulatorĀ is the pride and joy of the company. ThisĀ Purpose build simulator for professional and commercial use can also stand its own when used for fun and entertainment.

The rig is packed with impressive features such as full active motion system, pressure sensitive pro pedals, custom dash display systems and tactile feedback systems.Ā In this video you can see the Ā Motion Pro II in action running the Codemasters Formula One 2013 Simcade title.

And no… we don’t think its a Sebastian Bourdais clone that is doing the testing šŸ˜‰

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