F1 2015 game – Small controller Patch released

Codemasters F1 2015 Game Patch

F1 2015 – Small controller Patch released

Codemasters once more deployed a small patch to resolve some urgent issues with the PC version of the F1 2015 game. There seemed to be some issues affecting a lot of players concerning steering wheel and controller settings. The latest patch is now pushed to Steam, and should fix the controller related problems for most users.

Ever since its release, the Codemasters F1 2015 title has been plagued with a huge number of bugs and problems. We start to wonder if the pressure of a modern game release deadline, is starting to have an effect on the quality of recent games. While we realize that software can never be bug free when it hits the market, it does seem common these days that even some of the most basic of functions do not work, or are not tested properly before bringing a product to the market.

On the other hand, Codemasters has proven to care about the release quality of a product, by putting their latest DIRT Rally project on Steam as an Early Access version. While not all the community members are a fan of such a release system, it has to be said that it does lead to a better product. Basic bugs and issues will surface a lot sooner while the developer will receive a lot more feedback from an active community, in comparison to a small Beta test team.

Changelog Patch 08.10.15:

  • Fixed dead zone being incorrectly Applied to steering wheels
  • Fixed steering wheel settings that where not saving correctly
  • Fixed incorrect detection of Certain controllers and steering wheels

previous update – Changelog Patch 07.31.15:

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