F1 2015 Leaked Game-play Footage

Codemasters F1 2015

F1 2015 Leaked Game-play Footage

The Codemasters official 2015 Formula One game is still in development. While up and till now the developer only revealed some still shots of the game, a leaked video surfaced on the web showing us a lap in Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes-Benz at a very wet Singapore Circuit.

It’s reported that about a month ago, a French journalist had a chance to try out the F1 2015 development version, and later on leaked the in-game footage to the web. The car in the video is likely controlled by a game-pad resulting in some erratic game-play and is probably not doing the games physics justice. Nevertheless, while looking at the rain, puddles and spray effects on the track it becomes clear that Codemasters have improved the visuals of their latest F1 title considerably.

Recently, Codemasters announced that they had to postpone the release of F1 2015 until July 10th in the UK, Europe, and Australia. North America will see the title released on the 21st July while Brazil is scheduled for the 24th.

Official Webpage – www.formula1-game.com
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