F1 22 – Update V1.15 And Sport Liveries Update Deployed

Alongside the V1.15 patch, EA Sports and Codemasters have deployed the Sport Liveries Update for F1 22 to bring the car visuals closer to their real-life counterparts. The update is available on all platforms.

Besides various small fixes and improvements, the new update also adds the Portimao and Shanghai circuits to Season 2 and beyond in Career modes, and implemented Nvidia DLSS 3 support for those who are lucky enough to own a video card (40 Series Nvidia) supporting the GPU architecture. Check out the full changelog below for more details.

As stated, the development team has been working hard to enhance the visual representation of the cars, updating the vehicle geometry, bodywork, sponsors, and colors, as well as updates to team attires, hospitality spaces, and the pit garage looks.

Oracle Red Bull Racing – Sidepod, top canopy, shark fin, side vents, and front floor strakes have been changed. Sponsor logos have also been updated, most notably the addition of Honda to the engine cover, introduced during this year’s Japanese Grand Prix. Additionally, the color of the RB18 has been refined to better suit its real-life counterpart in-game.

Scuderia Ferrari – Tweaks to the rear wing, wing mirrors, front brake duct, DRS housing, and slight sidepod changes on the rear end have all been made.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team – The front wing and front wing end plates, floor sides, floor front strakes, DRS housing, and the sidepod shape have been updated.

BWT Alpine F1 Team – Changes to the sidepods, sidepods/top canopy vents, top canopy, shark fin, floor front strake, and the rear wing lower planes have been made. There have also been changes to the livery pattern, most notably the increase in exposed carbon fibre at the top of the sidepods, between the BWT pink section and the Alpine blue section of the car.

McLaren F1 Team – Floor sides and front strakes, sidepods, and side vents have been changed on top of more carbon being revealed and changes to vehicle sponsors. This includes the change from Android to Chrome on the engine cover and the rear wing DRS flap changing from blue to black. Additional sponsor logos have been added to the front wing, rear wing, and headrests.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN – Sidepod vents, front wing end plates, the DRS mechanism, and sidepod shape on the rear have all been updated.

Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team – Sidepod, top canopy, wing mirror, rear wing main plane, and floor front strakes have been changed. The AMR22 also now features a unique-looking “end plate” on each side of the rear wing, introduced during this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix, and run at higher downforce tracks like Zandvoort. The livery pattern has also been adjusted, exposing more carbon fiber on the halo and engine cover.

Haas F1 Team – Floor sides, front floor strakes, sidepod vents, rear sidepod shape, and front wing end plates have been changed. The most notable change on the livery is the addition of HaasTooling.com on the front wing end plates and the engine cover.

Scuderia AlphaTauri – Sidepods, sidepod vents, rear wing lower planes, rear wing main plane, DRS shape, and front wing color changes have been made, as well as more carbon revealed on the body. The livery is now much darker than the launch version, with the front and rear wings now taking on a carbon/navy look compared to the white versions used previously. Notable sponsor updates include Ziba Foods on the nose and front wing end plates, and Buzz surrounding the headrests.

Williams Racing – Sidepods, top canopy, side vents, front floor strakes, floor sides, rear wing main plane, and a slightly different livery with more carbon being revealed have been implemented. In addition to the sidepod updates, Virtua’s logos have been updated to reflect the change in their design mid-season.

Changelog V1.15

  • Visual F1 Sport Liveries Update to match the real season closer
  • Portimao and Shanghai circuits are now available in Season 2 and beyond in Career modes
  • Added an option to allow the player more flexibility in tyre selection per session during a race weekend
  • Added support for NVIDIA DLSS 3
  • Updated and improved delta times when using the ‘Immersive’ Safety Car feature
  • Updated Mika Häkkinen’s helmet
  • Updated Liam Lawson’s flag of nationality on his Carlin Formula 2™ car
  • Fixed an issue where with ‘The Griddy’ emote equipped, the podium celebration did not show
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, players could receive a jolt to their wheel instead of a ‘fade-in’ feeling of force feedback
  • Fixed an issue where the water droplet effect is missing on the ‘TV Pod’ camera angle when driving the Alpine F1® car
  • Updated and improved UDP data being sent between qualifying and race sessions
  • Various minor fixes
  • General stability improvements

The latest edition of the official video game of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship, now named F1 22 is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via the EA App, Origin, Steam, and Epic Store.

Official Website – www.formula1-game.com