Fanaleds V1.0 Released.



Fanaleds V1.0 Released.

The long awaited GUI is finally here. No more tinkering in .xml files or any difficult actions. Just launch Fanaleds and select the settings you would like.

This version includes an additional rumble effect for shift indication. Current rumble effects that simulate the brake locking are now detected better ensuring proper braking feedback. 
Now supporting over 10 titles! 
Fanaleds also improved some of the existing modes and made sure the program is still as stable.

Fanaleds 0.3 is now open for the public and downloadable from the new Fanaleds website!
Head over to for all kinds of information, news and the download for Fanaleds. Enjoy.

Download (386 kB)



  • rFactor 1 and 2 brake detection optimization
  • wheel/pedals ALL-OFF method improved
  • Fixed bug when GEAR was not shown in speedgear mode when frequency is set to 0
  • Fixed bug in XML handling where 0 values weren’t yet allowed
  • Fixed a possible rumble STUCK ON issue

v0.5a (beta)

  • updated XML with default values
  • updated stock XML (new layout)
  • Added readme url instead of readme.txt
  • Changed iRacing startup detection (no more garbaged data to wheel)
  • XML save button for all settings instead of connections (no more live saving of other data)
  • Improved iRacing functions, revlimit and added pitspeed
  • Added option to enable/disable the [ ] flashing
  • Fixed bug where [ ] wouldn’t show on revled enabled hardware
  • Improved tooltips
  • Wheel rumble on upshift, not on gear change
  • Mode would start a game with the mode the plugin started on

v0.5 (beta)

  • All settings in GUI are taken from and saved to XML
  • Allow disabling of flashing functions (use 0 as frequency)
  • Upshift flashing improved for iRacing and rFactor 2
  • Tooltips for some items to better understand what they do
  • Codemaster titles are now recognized in the "info" box
  • Rumble settings can be chosen from the GUI, new feature: rumble on gearchange
  • Improved iRacing support, better revlimit, added pitspeed

v0.4 (beta)

  • FanaLEDs with GUI!
  • Change settings while running (no need to edit XML beforehand)
  • Bug fixes introduced by version 0.3b, fuel and pitlimiter flashing

0.3 Changes

  • – InSim fix, buttons are shown locally always 
  • – Speedgear mode working on all games (not only which have upshift support)
  • – Games are automatically detected when started

Added game support for:

  • – DiRT2 (No revled support)
  • – DiRT3 (No revled support)
  • – DiRT Showdown (No revled support)
  • – F1 2011 (No revled support)
  • – iRacing
  • – rFactor
  • – Game Stock Car
  • – GTR 2
  • – GTR Evolution
  • – Race 07
  • – Race Injection
  • – STCC 2
  • – Rigs of Rods (No revled support)

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