Fanatec ClubSport WheelBase V2.5 Available

Fanatec ClubSport WheelBase V2.5 Available


Fanatec ClubSport WheelBase V2.5 Available

While everyone is waiting for some more rumors about a potential Fanatec Direct Drive wheel, the German sim racing peripheral manufacturer surprised us with a product update.

Fanatec announced that their highly successful Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base 2 has been upgraded and relabeled as ClubSport WheelBase V2.5. The nearly identical, but upgraded CSW V2.5 is fitted with a new force-feedback motor and better electronics which both will improve the workings, FF feeling, and durability of the product.

The USB refresh rate of the CSW V2.5 has doubled over its predecessor and now refreshes at a 1000 Hz which leads to a better force feedback response. Furthermore, the motor driver software can now receive future revisions by means of firmware updates.

Last but not least, the CSW settings menu now features an advanced drift mode, which can add a natural damper to avoid oscillation or a negative damper which will speed up the wheel while turning

Price and availability:

The ClubSport WheelBase V2.5 is currently in stock and on sale via the Fanatec Webstore. It retails for €549.95 / $499.95 / AU$829.90 / JPY 64.900 + shipping cost.

Customers who still have an open order for a CSW V2 unit will automatically be upgraded to the new V2.5 wheelbase.

Press Release:

Landshut, Germany – 02.03.2017 – Fanatec today introduced a new product of the rock-solid ClubSport Series, a facelift for their signature product.


The ClubSport Wheelbase V2.5 is a careful and precise evolution of the highly successful V2. While utilizing most of the proven technology of it’s predecessor, the V2.5 also comes with more advanced electronics and a new motor for improved feeling, functionality and even higher durability.


Due to the strong demand and high volumes, we also managed to significantly lower the price of this wheelbase.


The electronics now feature a faster USB update rate of 1000 Hz and allow for firmware updates of the new motor driver. The tuning menu features have been improved, now featuring an advanced drift mode, which can now add a natural damper to avoid oscillation or a negative damper which will speed up the wheel while turning. The front plate of the CS WB V2.5 comes in a new finish, displaying the Fanatec logo.


All ClubSport Wheel Base V2 pre-orders will be delivered as V2.5 automatically.


Comparison Chart

ClubSport WheelBase V2_5


  • Choose from a constantly expanding range of high-quality steering wheels in all conceivable variations to meet the needs of every type of driver
  • Our quick-release system allows you to change the steering wheel in seconds, even during the game
  • Wheelbase is made of CNC-machined aluminum parts with anodized surface
  • Solid: product weight 4200 g, product dimensions (L x W x H) 210 mm x 295 mm x 150 mm
  • DirectSensor ™ Technology: Virtually no delays or dead zones, thanks to the DirectSensor ™ technology where the sensor is attached directly to the steering axle and not to the other steering wheels on the engine
  • DUAL HALL Technology: There is a magnetic sensor on the engine and one on the steering axle. It can hardly be more precise
  • Ultrastark brushless servo motor
  • Supports additional vibration motors in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model)
  • Ventilation system with two large fans (on the left and on the back) and a large heat sink on the engine
  • Belt drive with large ball bearings ensures strong, fast, smooth and extremely precise force feedback effects
  • Thanks to the durable ball bearings, high belt tension prevails to eliminate the slipping of the belt as well as to reduce the resistance to a minimum
  • Fixation for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories. Depending on the type of rider or type of rider (rallye or Formula 1), the shifting is possible both by means of the shifting jacks attached to the steering wheel, as well as by the optional ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles which can be screwed to the base
  • Firmware can be easily updated for additional new features
  • Motor driver firmware can be updated
  • 900 ° steering angle, which can be reduced very quickly to the various steering angles of all cars by means of the tuning menu on the given ClubSport steering wheel
  • Fast  1000  Hz USB update rate
  • You can simultaneously connect two external shifters (for example an H-shifter and a sequential shifter)
  • Tuning functions * via LED display in the steering wheel to set the configuration independent of the game and during the game
    • Saves up to 5 steering wheel settings
    • Game-independent setting of sensitivity. The angle of rotation can be adjusted from 90 ° to 900 °
    • Set the force feedback strength during the game
    • Adjustable vibration intensity in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model). The vibration motors can be controlled directly from the game or via the ABS function
    • Simulating ABS vibration in the steering wheel (depending on the steering wheel model) and pedals with vibratons like the ClubSport pedals V3. Set a starting point as a% of the brake input
    • New drift mode to accelerate the steering wheel with a negative damping or to avoid oscillation on the straight with a natural damper.
    • Adjust the Force Feedback sensations by changing Spring, Damper, and Force effects
    • Adjust the brake force of load cell pedals in the tuning menu, such as the ClubSport pedal V3 or the CSL Elite pedal LC
    • * Changes to the tuning functions reserved



  • All Fanatec ClubSport steering wheels
  • All Fanatec CSL steering wheels
  • All Fanatec pedals
  • All Fanatec shifters
  • All Fanatec Cockpits and Wheel Stands. The holes are identical to those of the Porsche 911 Wheels or the Forza Motorsport CSR Wheels


  • PC: The ClubSport WheelBase V2.5 is compatible with all available steering wheels to PC.
  • Xbox One: Compatibility can be achieved through (separately available) rear wheels, such as the  ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One or CSL Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One . If a steering wheel without an Xbox One license is used on the wheelbase, it can NOT be used on the Xbox One.
  • PlayStation: The ClubSport WheelBase V2.5 is not compatible with any PlayStation console and can not be retrofitted.


  • This is only the wheelbase. In order to compete in a virtual race, you need additional accessories. Please use our product configurator to compile your desired package
  • NO steering wheel included! You need a ClubSport / CSL steering wheel to use this wheelbase
  • NO pedals included
  • NO table mounting included! You must screw the steering wheel tightly with a gaming cockpit or order the  ClubSport table clamp.
  • Screws for mounting eg on a cockpit are only included for the 3-hole pattern, pre-assembled with the 20 ° angle adapter. Please refer to the manual for suitable screws.
  • To older Fanatec pedals to be connected to PS / 2 port, such as CSP V1 / V2, you need the optional  PS / 2 RJ12 cable.
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