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FaseTech introduces the RacingCUBE RC4-4DOF

FaseTech introduces the RacingCUBE RC4-4DOF

Back in 2015, Tommy Frank and Steffen Hansen from Denmark started a Kickstarter funding project to realize their dream of manufacturing the RacingCUBE motion simulator founding the FaseTech Company. Now Tommy and Steffen proudly introduce the consumer version of the RacingCUBE RC4-4DOF motion simulator.

With the design of the RC4-4DOF, FaseTech created an affordable full-motion platform for racing games and simulations featuring a compact footprint without compromising the driving experience. FaseTech tried to incorporate all the features such as 360 degrees of rotation, adjustable center of rotation, and optional sway and surge functions which are usually only found in far more expensive systems. Importantly, the developers tried to avoid over-engineering the racing rig to keep the price down.

The RacingCUBE RC4-4DOF is fitted with three very fast (RC3) servo actuators and is designed to be able to provide maximum performance without the need of bolting the simulator to the floor and provides a perfect one-to-one ratio between vehicle rotation and simulator rotation.

The RC3 gives you 600 degrees of rotation, but the standard setting is 360 degree to prevent it from winding up the cable. With the parallel wheel configuration, the center of rotation is between the wheels. That means you are sitting in front of the center of rotation, and it will not only rotate your body but drag it in the opposite direction of the rotation. That means it makes both the yaw and sway effect at the same time. The frame is pre-drilled to fit a selection of the most popular wheels and pedals on the market.

Hardware is only as good as the software that powers it. Therefore, the RC4-4DO comes with the SimTools 2.0 Pro Motion control software package which already supports more than 80 games, while new titles will be added on a regular basis.

At the time of writing, the RC4-4DOF Motion Simulator is up for Pre-order on the FaseTech website for a total price of € 3.999 Excl. VAT + Shipping. The pre-order fee is 500€, leaving the 3499€ to be paid once the production of your simulator starts. The first pre-ordered units will be shipped on the 15th March.

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Product Description

(Source: FaceTech)

The 4DoF have all four actuators that leave you with the ultimate experience. Whether you’re driving or flying, this will seamlessly follow your every move.


When simulating a vehicle, the rotation is incredibly important, as it simulates the feeling of losing traction. While we don’t want you to actually slide around in your living room, we want to give you the feeling that you are, as this is a key component for you to be able to drive the car to its limit. Therefore the rotation is always in focus when we’re making adjustments for the simulator, as this is a core feature of our product.

To avoid the cables getting stuck in the simulator we’re limiting the rotation to 360 degrees maximum when it’s at its max the platform will simply just stop rotating. When you stop turning in the game the washout kicks in, the platform will slowly but unnoticed move towards POS 0. The 360degree limit should not be a problem unless you’re making donuts etc.

Noise Level

The noise level is measured to 60 dB which is the equivalent of a normal conversation. The motor itself is practically noiseless. If you want to hear the motor running, you must have your ear very close to it, which is not recommendable. The noise level will depend on the settings. If the aggressive setting is used then the click from the small play in the gear can be heard due to direction change of the motor, but if you use non-aggressive settings it´s virtually noiseless. The noise may however also depend on the surface it is placed upon. The ideal surface is a stone floor because the rig can vibrate quite a lot. The test that showed a peak level of 60dB was measured while playing with aggressive settings on a hardwood floor.

Supported Equipment

We support most larger hardware brands like Logitech Thrustmaster and Fanatic, if you have special requests for compatibility with equipment, please don’t hesitate to write us an email; we are able to accommodate most requests. When you order a RacingCUBE you will be asked what equipment you have, to make sure that the mounts delivered, will fit your equipment.

Max Load

The simulator is rated to function with a weight of 150 kg. This number it the total weight of the simulator EXCEPT for the base (The base is the module that houses the actuators, print boards etc. NOT the seat and foot mount etc.) To measure how much a person can weigh before using the simulator is dependent on a variety of factors. If you only drive with VR, and no screens or heavy gear is attached, the person can be heavier, though if driving with a 3 screen setup the driver cannot be as heavy.

While the simulator will operate within the recommended max load the simulator is designed to limit movement if it detects a heavy setup and person. That means you might not get the same experience in a simulator with 3 screens and a lot of accessories compared to a setup with VR and only a light steering wheel. The limiting of the output is in place to ensure the actuators will not overheat.

Operating space

To ensure enough operating space for the 4DOF and 3DOF-R model we recommend you to secure the perimeter against people and animals. Check if the simulator stays clear of walls, furniture etc. The yaw (Rotation) can also be limited in the software. We recommend less yaw with VR compared to a screen setup.


  • Pitch: 14 degree. 315 mm/sec.
  • Roll: 14 degree. 315 mm/sec.
  • Yaw: 0-500 degree. 60 degree/sec.
  • Heave: 100mm. 315mm/sec.
  • Approx. noise level: 60dBPID
  • time: 14 – 20ms
  • Max load: 150kg
  • Power:  120/240v
  • Power consumption: 1400W Peak
  • Operating space: 200x200cm
  • Dimensions:  40/85/150cm
  • Base weight:  Approx. 35kg.
  • Shipping weight: 50kg

The package includes:

  • Simulator Base
  • Frame (Mount for seat, steering wheel, pedals and HOTAS)
  • Rotation plate
  • SimTools 2.0 Pro
  • Finger Screws
  • Needed tools for assembling
  • Cable Winder
  • USB Hub (2 USB-A 2.0)