First Impressions of the £100,000 Vesaro TEN Simulator By GamerMuscle

First Impressions of the £100,000 Vesaro TEN Simulator By GamerMuscle

Back in 2021, in honor of its 10th Anniversary, the UK-based Vesaro company presented the Vesaro TEN racing simulator solution.

Our favorite Sim Tuber GamerMuscle, got invited to the Vesaro HQ in Kent, to try one of their new Vesaro Ten Simulators.

The Special Edition Vesaro TEN is based on the company’s well-known modular chassis, equipped with a D-BOX motion system and a complete suite of advanced Professional grade racing controls.

The GT-style simulator is Plug and Play factory assembled and includes a custom-built Vesaro PC to ensure optimal simulation performance.

By default, the system includes a professional-grade direct drive steering force feedback system, high-end pedals, a Pro audio surround system, and a carbon Motorsport grade racing seat made by well-known manufacturer Recaro. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the full features list below.

This sim racing solution is geared toward the ultra-high-end market. Needless to say, it does not come cheap.

The Vesaro TEN is available for £99,745.00

The Simulator comes with a 2 Year warranty and is backed up by Vesaro’s free remote login support and 7 days per week of free phone and email support. 

Vesaro 10

Product Specification:

  • Vesaro I Chassis:
    Full steel construction chassis with a completely modular architecture, offering a reliable and versatile framework for the simulator.
  • 10th Anniversary Styling Package:
    TEN exclusive styling kit comprised of sleek gold accents and highlights to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Vesaro.
  • Recaro Podium Racing Seat:
    Full carbon fiber racing seat designed and manufactured by Recaro.
  • Quad Motion 6.0:
    Four actuators D-BOX haptic platform offering six inches of pitch, roll, and heave movements, as well as reactive tactile feedback. 
  • Seat Belt G-Force System:
    Integrated four-point harness on a progressive tensioner system that provides dynamic compression to the driver upon braking.
  • Integrated 5 Speaker Audio System:
    Seamlessly integrated audio system with a powerful under-seat subwoofer, digital amplifier, and four surround sound satellite speakers.
  • Pro Controls Wheel Base Ultimate:
    Direct drive wheelbase with up to 32NM of active torque output and a steering resolution of up to 16 million counts per turn.
  • Pro Controls Wheel Rim GT3 Wireless:
    Professional motorsport grade flat-bottom steering rim with a multitude of configurable dials; pushbuttons and magnetic carbon fiber paddle shifters.
  • Data Display Unit:
    Full-color multi-function heads-up display, providing the driver with vital telemetry data on the fly.
  • Pro Controls Hydraulic Pedals:
    Three pedal system including an accelerator, brake, and clutch with adjustable hydraulic dampers to simulate real pedal feel.
  • Pro Controls Sequential Shifter:
    Compact sequential gear shifter giving a tactile response for every upshift and downshift.
  • On-Board Manager + Control Pad:
    On-board manager control deck allowing effortless navigation and operation of the entire simulator from one panel.
  • V-BOX Data Pack:
    On-board data telemetry display providing sector mapping of real-world tracks, alongside user input data and highly accurate lap timing.
  • On-Board PC Ultimate:
    Cutting-edge computer system built with the most powerful gaming components available.
  • Triple 65-inch Gaming Monitors:
    Complete 225-inch wraparound display sporting three 144hz refresh rate panels, providing more than double the typical video stream over standard monitors.
  • Heads-up Display:
    An overarching fourth monitor that sits above the center screen to provide live car and track data to the driver in real-time.
  • HP Reverb G2 Headset:
    An interchangeable display option from the wraparound screens transports you into the virtual car in-game, radically transforming the user’s immersion.
  • Dynamic LED Lighting Kit:
    Under chassis lighting kit with a fully adjustable color range to illuminate the cockpit.
  • Racing Software Suite:
    Complete suite of racing software to suit all driving disciplines and provide access to hundreds of cars and tracks.
  • UPS Backup:
    Uninterruptable Power Supply system to protect key components

The Vesaro company based in Kent, UK, is one of the brands operating in the higher echelons of the sim racing market. The company was founded in 2010. The aim was to develop a range of products for Home, Commercial Entertainment, Professional Driver Training, and military applications.

The modular Vesaro system is based on an ultra-strong handcrafted center core that can be adapted to your personal needs offering customizations such as the type of finish, different steering setups, ButtKicker seat shaker, D-Box motion physics system, surround sound, LCD screen attachments, surround sound audio attachments and more.

In the top tier of the product lineup, Vesaro markets its flagship Formula Series of Motion simulators, available as a full, 1/2, and 3/4 formula car chassis. But it does not stop there. there is also the McLaren driving simulator range built in collaboration with Mclaren Automotive, incorporating subtle design elements and authentic components from the McLaren sports cars.

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