Inside Sim Racing Forza Horizon 2 Interview (Gamescom 2014)

Thrustmaster Forza Horizon

Inside Sim Racing Forza Horizon 2 Interview (Gamescom 2014)

Inside Sim Racing are based in the United States. So a trip to Europe to visit the Gamescom fair in Cologne Germany is not an easy option. Therefore, Darin Gangi went for the second best option.

Germany based Andreas Nie has been the Inside Sim Racing correspondent at Gamescom for a few years now, and does a splendid job visiting and interviewing race-game related companies at the fair. In this video report, Andreas interviews Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 about the upcoming Forza Horizon 2 for the XBox One.

In this video report you  will also be able to watch some raw game-play footage of Forza Horizon 2. The title will be available in Nord America on September 30th, while Europe will have to wait till October 2th.

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