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Game Stock Car Extreme – OZV8 Mod update #1

Game Stock Car Extreme - OZV8 volvo

Game Stock Car Extreme – OZV8 Mod update #1

Back in April, Sim Racing Australia officially announced their fictional take on the 2015 Australian ‘Supercars’ touring car series with their new, scratch built mod that will be coming to the Game Stock Car Extreme title free of charge to all. The licensed physics and sounds will be provided by the Reiza Studios development team.

The OZV8 modding team has been a bit quiet the last 6 -8 weeks or so as they have been very busy squirreling away on building their incredible models for their upcoming representation of the real world V8 Supercars 2015 car set.

Working closely with their select modeling team they have now completed all 5 car models and have a baseline beta version of the mod in game running with interim physics and sounds (not the licensed physics and sounds from our services provider @Reiza Studios – which are still currently being developed in-house by them).

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