Gomez Sim Industries – Hyper SL Wheel Announced

Gomez Sim Industries
Gomez Sim Industries  Hyper SL Wheel front

US-based Gomez Sim Industries manufactures high-end Esports equipment and controls for sim racing systems. Especially known for the Formula Pro Elite and Hyper P1 Formula sim steering wheel, the company has made a pretty good name for itself.

Now Gomez Sim Industries introduced a new piece of art in the form of the GSI Hyper SL Wheel. In their own words, the Hyper SL is the most feature-rich screen-less wheel rim they ever made.

Talking about features… The Carbon Fiber Faceplate houses 3 + 14 + 3 RGB LED Rev Lights, no less than 12 Momentary RGB LED Push Buttons (500-gram actuation force), 5 Backlit RGB LED Push-Button Rotary Encoders with 5-way functionality, four thumb rotary wheels, and 33 Seven-Way Multi Switches.

The rear shows us three pairs of paddles, a 70mm Threaded Bolt Pattern adapter, and a DIN connector. The wheel will most likely come with a high-quality coiled DIN/USB cable.

The GSI Hyper XL wheel will go on pre-sale on November 10th. Day one customers will receive a 10% price discount.

Official Webpage – gomezsimindustries.com

Gomez Sim Industries  Hyper SL Wheel rear