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GT-Style Ring Hand Controls by Simability

GT-Style Ring Hand Controls by Simability

While this is not exactly the latest news, we still wanted to bring this to your attention. Glenn Sidman founded the Simability company which promotes sim-racing as a viable hobby for anyone who is physically challenged.

Simability specializes in Sim-Racing Adaptive Controls. This way it becomes possible for people with a disability to take part in our wonderful hobby. Simability develops affordable solutions by providing hand controlled adaptations to existing sim racing gear from SRW, Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec.

One of their flagship products is the GT Style Ring Hand Control unit. Currently, the 2e generation of the product is in development for the Thrustmaster T300/TX//T500 and the Logitech G27. Glenn is also planning to release a version for the Fanatec ClubSport wheel. The 2e gen GT Style Ring Hand Control units will be available somewhere mid-2017.

The price will be around $325 + shipping (wheel not included). More product details and more exact pricing info will be available soon. Keep in mind that the included pictures show us the 1st generation build. The new 2nd generation GT Style Ring Hand Controller will feature more control options.

Glenn Sidman explained that besides the readymade units, he also plans to make the products available as DIY tutorials, individual parts, and eventually complete kits so you can build your own, or have it build for you at an even more affordable price.

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