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Hardware – Anatomy of a Driving Simulator.


This video details the concepts and design decisions used in developing this DIY Driving Cockpit. It details the design elements, reasoning, and features of the design in an effort to assist other DIY project builders.

This design uses tactile feedback at all contact points (seat, pedals, wheel) and is completely self contained.
The entire construction cost of the cockpit was approximately $800and the details are described in this video.
Total build time was approximately 12 weeks.
Photographs and free as-is partial blueprints can be found here:

The specifications of the simulator sled:

  • Height 46″
  • Length: 65″
  • Width: 60″ (assuming 45 degree monitor rake)
  • Weight: 190 lbs. (without monitors)
  • Seat travel: 10″ fore and aft, 20 degree tilt in 5 degree increments
  • Pedal travel: 12″ fore and aft, 0-30 degree tilt in 5 degree increments (from 10-30 degrees)
  • Steering travel: 16″ fore and aft, up to 12″ up and down, 30 degree wheel pitch, 30 degree steering shaft pitch
  • Monitor travel: 8″ up and down from center point, accommodates up to three 30″ monitors, individual monitor pitch 180 degree, yaw 60 degrees.

Video by fxmoovee ( the world according to gregg)


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