Hardware – Gaboni & Simulaje GS-Pro Display announced.


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Gaboni & Simulaje will be releasing the GS-Pro Display.

The unit comes with free Software, made by Gaboni, compatbile with the Display XR, and valid for GS-Lite.
It does support rFactor and rFactor 2, and the team is working on support for more simulators.
You can expect an update to support iRacing and the likes, soon.

The GS-Pro will be available end of September 2013.


Display Specifications GS-Pro 

  • USB connection
  • Strip 15 leds (5 green, 5 red, 5 blue).
  • 3 +3 side LEDs for flags (yellow, blue, red).
  • 4 +4 14-segment alphanumeric displays.
  • 1 Central Display 7 segment.
  • Connecting 20 buttons.
  • 4 Connection 12 position rotary switches.
  • Connecting 4 encoders.
  • 6 Connecting external LEDs.
  • Possibility of replacing rotarys for up to 2 analog axes.

Display Specifications GS-Lite

There will be also a smaller version of the same: GS-Lite controller, which will have the connection for the 20 buttons, the 4 rotarys, the 4 encoders and 6 external LEDs. This version will not have the plate displays and LEDs.


Housing for GS-PRO

Display stand made ​​of aluminum, painted black, designed and made by JZfilms. Made especially for GS-Pro.

Availability for the end of September, by reservation.

Also was manufactured for other displays on the market, According To request.



  • GS-Pro ………………. € 120 + Shipping (Only display, no housing)
  • GS-Lite ………………. € 60 + Shipping (Only controller, for boxes of buttons or other …)
  • Housing for GS-Pro € 54 + shipping

Simulaje has a limited pre-order promo running that will reduce the cost of world wide shipping. Make sure to check it out when interested in purchasing a product.



Check out https://simulaje.blogspot.com.es for info and purschase.