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Hardware – Rene Rast testing the ACR Carbon fiber Formula Monocoque Simulator.



The well known German racing driver Rene Rast performed a test session driving in the ACR Carbon Fiber Formula Monocoque Simulator rig in the ACR test center in The Netherlands.
Apart from racing in numerous Racing Series, race fans will know Rene Rast as a former Porsche Supercup champion, and as one of the WRT Audi R8 LMS Ultra drivers in the FIA GT Series. 

ACR Simulators is a Dutch company building complete simulator packages for professional Racing teams, gaming centers and home use.
Originating out of a company that builds and repairs original carbon fiber parts for the real racing world, using vacuum bagging, infusion and prepreg techniques, the virtual cockpits are showing no difference in size, functionality and materials as their real counterparts.

ACR Simulator rents out the Racing Simulators for special events. The units can be installed with a variety of racing Simulations including various tracks and vehicle options. You can renta Static Simulator for 4 hours, including transport for up to 100km for €650

ACR also runs a driver training center where you can book sessions on a full motion simulator. The simulator Session can be tailored to personal preference as far as car or track choice is concerned.
For more info and prices, check out the official webpage.


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