Heusinkveld – Sim Pedals Ultimate+ Upgrade Kit – Installation Tutorial

Heusinkveld - Sim Pedals Ultimate+ Upgrade Kit - Installation Tutorial

Last week, the Dutch Heusinkveld Engineering company officially launched the HE Sim Pedals Ultimate+ which represent a significant update over the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate.

Besides the new standalone pedal set, Heusinkveld Engineering also markets an Upgrade Kit for the owners of the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate. With the Upgrade Kit, you get the main technical upgrades of the Sim Pedals Ultimate+, including the SmartControl controller and the new brake spring elastomers.

In the latest official Heusinkveld Engineering video, Remco explains how to apply the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ Upgrade Kit to your throttle, brake, and clutch.

All Sim Pedals Ultimate purchased from early 2014 onwards (fitted with RJ-plugs on the pedal cables) are compatible with this Upgrade Kit. If you own a set of Sim Pedals Ultimate with screw terminals on the controller (late 2013 – early 2014), please contact Heusinkveld support first.

You do not need this upgrade kit if you have bought the Sim Pedals Ultimate+. The Upgrade Kit is not compatible with Sim Pedals Pro or Sim Pedals Sprint.

With this Ultimate Upgrade Kit, you get the main technical enhancements as seen on the new Sim Pedals Ultimate+.

Key components are:

  • An all-new EMC tested controller box, which can be used with the powerful Heusinkveld SmartControl software.
  • A brand new brake rubber stack assembly with our new custom-made brake elastomers. These elastomers give an unprecedented progressive feel to the brake pedal and have been tested to retain their performance even after a million duty cycles.
  • The new rubber stack assembly also includes a knurled knob for easy preload adjustment.
  • Added bearings on spring rod pivots. These improve the smoothness of the pedal, reduce unwanted noise and greatly extend the durability of the pedals.

You will find all further details about the improvements on the Heusinkveld product page for the Sim Pedals Ultimate+.

  Official Webpage – heusinkveld.com

Heusinkveld Engineering is a Dutch company that offers a broad array of products and services to the real and virtual racing scene. From advanced vehicle simulation software to simulator hardware. Sim Racers might also know the company’s founder Niels Heusinkveld as the main physics creator for the Automobilista racing simulator by Reiza Studios.

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