Introducing FormulaVR Simulators



Introducing FormulaVR

Ever so often, an interesting new hardware project arrives on the scene. While we see allot of racing rigs, steering wheels, pedal sets and telemetry hardware appear, a full blown quality built open wheeler monocoque is rather rare.

Let us introduce you to a new company that will become part of the Pro and Home Simulator community… FormulaVR Simulators. They specialise in offering you the ultimate formula 1 style simulation monocoque.

FormulaVR is founded by 2 motor sports enthusiast with many years of automotive design experience and one combined aim: the best possible formula style racing simulator. By joining their skills and experience, a superb team was formed. Richard Fox (British), brings over 20 years of experience in design as an Automotive Clay Modeller and has first hand experience in the F1 and World Sports Car paddocks. Lennart Vissers (Dutch), is a Automotive Designer and brings over 10 years of design experience, together with a long history in karting, and sim-racing.

With pride they introduce FormulaVR simulators and launch their first formula style simulator named the F-VR3. The FormulaVR F-VR3 is a unique and handmade premium quality sim-racing monocoque.

“All the required skills and interests are available to make the best possible formula style simulators. One that is not only epical to drive in, but also looks amazing!” Richard says.

“FormulaVR only uses the best possible parts and suppliers to obtain the highest possible quality and is designed and manufactured in England and The Netherlands.” Lennart adds.

FormulaVR_F-VR3-4  FormulaVR_F-VR3-5

FormulaVR specializes in offering you the ultimate f1 style simulation monocoque. The FormulaVR F-VR3 is handmade, and will be available on order. It is fitted with a premium ForceFeedBack formula racing wheel and pedal box. Upgrades are possible on request. When required, FormulaVR will also supply a top range control-computer and/or triple screen solution. You will be able to personalize your monocoque with a choice of colours and livery’s.

We will keep you posted with more news or details about the FormulaVR F-VR3 when available. (The photographs below represent the actual prototype of the F-VR3.)

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